Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's only the third day of school...what could go wrong??? It's nothing major...Blake missed the bus home from school. His teacher was so enthralled in the learning process that she lost track of time and the whole class missed their buses. Kaila said that Blake got on the wrong bus and she didn't because SHE was paying attention! Nope! His whole class just missed their buses. I like that better than him getting on the wrong bus. He made it home safe and sound. No problem.

Nick is enjoying 6th grade so far. He seems to be a little bit more responsible. He's playing trumpet again this year. I hope he takes it more seriously this year and practices more.

Blake is just as quiet as ever about school. He still seems to think that he has no friends. I just don't know what to do about that. I don't know if he's exaggerating, or if his concerns are valid.

Kaila seems like she's adjusting very well. In fact, the first day she rode the bus she didn't even tell me goodbye! She just ran onto the bus with her brothers! Can you imagine!??? She seems excited for each new day. She was able to work on computers yesterday.

As for me, I'm still adjusting myself. There are just sooooo many options for me now. I just don't know what to jump into next! I was able to scrap yesterday. I completed my September LEO challenge at Willow Traders. I had to scraplift a layout from someone who participated in the July LEO challenge. I lifted one from Hillary called Water Park.

I'm off to accomplish some housework. Yeah!!

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