Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's just about hunting season!!! We are almost totally out of venison. I can't remember the last time this happened. Nick must be eating too much :) Archery starts Saturday and we're all excited for some fresh meat. No pressure, pressure :)

The kids are adjusting very well to school. It's a hectic morning, but really isn't as bad as I had anticipated. Blake's always the first one up, which he's proud of. Kaila is usually the last one to drag her butt out of bed, but they're almost always pleasant. Nick complains that he has to shower in the morning and can't understand why. Ahhh, you stink, Nick! There's a clue. I don't know what happens during the course of the night, but man! Morning it is!

We're coming up on Kaila's 6th birthday, which of course, she's excited about. She's already put in her order for chicken wings, strawberry cake (if anyone will eat it, she said) and Dad's ice cream (cookies 'n cream). She has decided she wants a dog in a purse. She loved her last one, so I'm sure if I can find one...she'll have a twin for Amber. Busy week next week.

Now on the scrapping front, I muddled through creating a layout yesterday for Willow Traders LEO. I don't feel all that well, so that was quite an accomplishment for me. I used an older kit from The Scrapping Spot . There's one more LEO to go for September. I've had a blast and only missed one so far. I'm looking forward to the Willow Traders and the October THAW challenges for October.

On another note, my DH put my diningroom curtains up. It looks a lot better. Now, if I could only get a new table/chairs it would really look nice.

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