Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Challenge from Motorbarbie:

1. What is your favorite season? FALL

2. What is your favortie thing about that season? I love the coolness, smell of the fresh, crsip air, burning leaves and colors.

3. Is there something special you do during that season? The only thing I did last year was take the kids to the Apple Castle for a little festival type thing they had. I think I'm going to make it a tradition. They had such a great time.

Finally! Nick was absolutely thrilled that he "finally" gets to ride on a big bus. He has had a small bus for the last three years. The look on his face as the "big" bus pulled up was priceless. He is absolutely elated. I've never seen him smile so big as he left riding on his new bus. He had just been complaining about the fact that he was going to ride the "little" bus again this year. Amazing. So, needless to say, the day started off very well ;)

I have a layout to share that I created for a challenge over at TRW. It's a Use My Stash challenge. I listed four different manufacturer's paper that I have in my possession and the person that posted after me was to inform me which one to use first. The only thing really NEW on this page is the Pressed Petals chipboard letters. It was nice to use up some of my "old" stuff. It's three different lines of Rhonna Farrer paper.

Now that I've played most of the morning, I have to get to work. I was too tired to scrap last night, so the bug bit me this morning. Boy, does it feel good!

Thanks for looking!


Monday, August 28, 2006

We had the kids' party on Saturday. It didn't rain and wasn't too terribly hot, so that was good. Our attendance was down immensely from previous years, but I seriously don't even think the kids noticed. I was absolutely delighted that my Aunt Connie and her good friend, Chris were able to make it from Michigan. It is the first birthday party she's been able to make, so I was very happy to have them both here. We were actually more prepared for this party than any of our other parties. So, I wasn't too stressed. That was very nice!

Nick received an awesome gift from his Aunt Donna. She and her family took him to Cabela's on Sunday afternoon. These photos are of him and the clan in the store. He had a blast and wants to go back again. He spent a lot of his money on...Catfish BAIT!!!! That's some smelly stuff! The picture of Nick on the phone is him using one of his valuable lifelines. Yes! He was only allowed to use the phone so many times. However, he found a loophole and used his cousin, Andrew, to do his dirty work. He was quite the character from what I was told. Then again, I knew that!

We met Nick's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Book. Ironically enough, Charlie (Nick's Dad) had her for 3rd grade also. From what I gathered at the meeting tonight, they're in for a great year! I'm really looking forward to it. Nick was the only one who asked any questions, or even spoke for that matter. Yeah, he's not shy at all. Now, if he had better handwriting I'd be even happier.

See ya!


Friday, August 25, 2006

I know several people are just dying to hear how my staples are doing for my weight loss dilemma. So, I'll tell you! I've lost three pounds. I sleep like an absolutely ROCK! And for anyone who knows me, you know that I NEVER sleep well. I'm pretty sure I don't move all night long. What a blessing that is! I have also had some recent relief with my TMJ. I'm not sure if it's from the staples, but it could be. Everything's going well, but I still need to get into some sort of a routine. And when I say, "routine," I mean exercise. I know for some people that's a swear word, but alas, I feel it is the only way to truly get down to the size 10 that I would like to be.

On a lighter note, I took some photos yesterday that I must share. Kaila is just getting so big! The boys wouldn't cooperate with getting their photos taken. Imagine that!

Thanks for looking!

I hope to post some actual layouts soon. No time to scrap until Sunday night at the very earliest.

See ya!


Saturday, August 19, 2006

I went and got my ears stapled today to help me in my battle with the bulge. It's also supposed to help with stress/tension and pain. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

When I returned home from the torture, just kidding - my DH had cleaned our nastily dirty breezeway. He did a great job and it smells soooo nice now. We're trying to get ready for the Birthday Bash on the 26th. We have a birthday celebration for all three kids once a year. We usually have a great time.

I went to Scrapbook Station to meet up with Roo and Lori last night. We had a blast, as usual. I just love going there. I don't really care how much I accomplish. It's just nice to get out and try. The store had a ton of new stuff, so I was drooling. I purchased some cool paper that I'd been eyeing up for a while. It's 3 Bugs in a Rug. Very pretty stuff! It does have one of my favorite color combos - pink/brown. Needless to say, somethings had to wait until my trip over there next month.

Well, happy scrapping, Everyone!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

I can no longer hide my son's obsession. Yes! You guessed it! He loves women's pantyhose. He loves to feel them, wear them and help us all...dance in them! These photos were taken months ago. As you may have guessed, I just about peed my pants! He's a ham!

I completed my sports themed layout for The Memory Safe's Scraptathalon. Those are photos of me with my natural colored hair in the latter three on the right. Now you see why I insist on blonde hair. Yuck! It is actually the first softball layout that I have done. My mother didn't take a lot of photos when we were younger, so they are few and far between. I managed to actually get my softball photo taken every year, which I am thankful.

I was possessed to take photos of myself by the window in Kaila's room using some natural lighting. I look pretty sad in this photo, but I'm not. I will probably use it in a layout regarding "reflection." And when I say, "Reflection," I mean reflecting possibly on where I thought I would be at this time in my life. I may also just use it on a birthday/age layout. Who knows?

I'm currently procrasting cleaning the house. I have laundry everywhere, dishes need done, things need put away from the yard sale and I haven't even gotten a shower/brushed my teeth. Bad me!

Anyway, enjoy the funny photos!

See ya!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Check out this little tush with the froggies on it! Too cute! She lovingly calls this her "Bitooni." Hee! Hee! When I first tried to put this on her in June, she cried for me to take it off. Now she wants to wear it everywhere. She's wearing it in the picture with Charlie and her sleeping. He laid down with her to get her to sleep while I was watching our pathetic Yard Sale. That didn't go so well, but it's over.

I've purchased everything for the children (Nick/Blake) to go to school. They are so happy/excited. I also purchased some coordinating outfits to take some photos in when we go to camp next month. I'm trying to take their photo in a nice setting every year, which is CAMP. I can't wait for that photoshoot ;)

On my other homefront, The Memory Safe, the Scrapathon is going very well. I didn't finish last week's challenge, but I did do a mini challenge today. That is what the card is for. I really enjoyed picking everything out. I was sure we were going to do a layout, but I was surprised it had to be a card. That's great, because I'm so far behind on making cards it isn't even funny! The week's challenge is to make a sport's themed layout. Checkout www.thememorysafe.com for further details.

I'm busy cleaning and preparing for our annual birthday bash for the children. We always have such a nice time, but I'd love to actually have everything that can be done...done prior to the day of the party. I strive for it every year, but it hasn't happened yet. I know...optimistic...be optimistic. I'll fill you in on that later.

I'm looking forward to Saturday, which, some of you may know, is when I get my ears stapled by Robin from www.acustaple.com to help with weightloss/stress/etc. I'm really hoping it will help in conjunction with some much needed exercise. Whew! I got worn out just typing "exercise." LOL! Yeah, I'm in bad shape. I'll keep y'all posted about that :)

So, how's everyone out there doing with their scrapping goals? Have you met them? Have you had time? Have you made time? Are you going to through scrapbooking withdrawal? Drop me a line and let me know how you're doing. I, myself, wish I could scrap everyday, but it's just not happening. Everyday I wake up thinking, "Today's the day!" Then, I look around the house and say, "Yeah, right!" I think I should reward myself for getting little things accomplished. Say...wash off the table...you've earned yourself 3 hrs. guild-free scrapping. Does anyone think that will work? I know, I live in my own little dream world. Hey! I can dream, can't I?

I'm off to do chores as listed above and in my little brain.

See ya!


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two posts in one day? The heck you say? No, really! I'm only posting this because I just loved the way this layout turned out, so I MUST share! I used a sketch from www.pagemaps.com. I find that site soooo useful!

I did this layout for a challenge at Trusty Red Wheelbarrow. I had to have star anything, the word "adventure," and striped paper. I know you can't see the striped paper very well, but it's there.

Thanks for taking a peek!



Can I just say, "I haven't got a prayer?" I am referring to the Effer Dare Competition currently going on. There were over 360 entries for this first dare. I can't even express enough how amazing everyone did. Wow! This is the layout that I entered. The only criteria was to have your journaling completely on top of your photo. It had to be a good bit of journaling too. My journaling is a handwritten letter I received from my friend in this photo. I scanned it and printed it out in three different sizes. I like how it turned out, but I wish I would have moved the main part of it over to the right a little more. Live and learn I guess.

I went to my good friend, Lori's house last night and actually completed two layouts. They're simple, but I really like how they turned out. I even used some of my very own handwriting on one of them. I have to do a little bit of journaling on the other one, but other than that they're complete. Time just goes by so fast when I scrapbook. I hadn't been able to scrap for a quite a while, so it felt good to use up some of my stuff.

I'll have to post again later or tomorrow with my layouts. I have the chillin's calling!

See ya!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I must not have received the memo! Summer's almost over??? Why wasn't I informed? You may ask why I think Summer's almost over. Well, I'll tell you. I can't find filters, floaties, blow-up fish, etc. for our pool. Last time I checked, Summer runs from June until September. So, why is it I can't find the items that I require to maintain my little pool for my children? Apparently, you should buy several at the beginning of the Summer. Alas, I am unprepared. Better luck next year, eh?

Regardless of the fact that Summer is coming to a close, I still have so much to accomplish before the children return to school. I'm looking forward to venturing on all of these endeavors when I return home from Michigan. Vacation Bible School is going okay and my part as the "cook" is going better than I expected. I went to purchase ingredients for the menu this week and decided that I was going to turn it into my taxes as "charity" due to the fact that my Father (Preacher) didn't have to purchase these items. I'm feeding 10 people this week! I spent over $221 dollars at the store! Whew! I think this contribution constitutes a tax deduction. What preacher can afford to feed that many people three meals a day for a week? Not this one, I can tell you that. It has been enjoyable making the menu and preparing the meals/snacks/desserts.

The Memory Safe's Scrapathon is under way. I made the sketch for the first challenge, which I was so honored to be asked to do. I am amazed at the entries. They are just awesome! I love what everyone has done with the sketch. My interpretation of the sketch is the layout seen at the top of this blog entry. I apologize if you can't see it very well. Be sure to go to The Memory Safe and checkout everyone's entries in the thread for the first challenge. They have some great mini challenges and prizes that they're giving out. I hope to be able to catch up a bit when I get back later this week. I miss it! It's not as easy to go on the boards with this dinosaur of a computer that my Mother has, but I'm not complaining ;)

Well, I have to go do some of my duties. I'll post when I return home.

See ya!