Friday, December 12, 2008

Kaila's at school...Meggie's on the's cold outside and my bread is already rising. Life is good...cold, but good ;)

We have recently discovered that this lovely farm house of ours is NOT insulated. How could that have happened, you ask? Well, the sales agreement says that it's insulated, but alas that is not totally accurate. I'm sorry, but when you say it IS insulated, I'm fairly certain that just because one outer wall and the attic area has some rolls thrown in there doesn't mean that it is properly insulated. Oh, yes. I am so NOT joking! No wonder we're losing heat out the ying-yang. We have reverted to electric blankets and blocking off the upstairs with a blanket. We're hoping that helps until the insulation guy can blow some insulation in where it is needed. It could be worse...we could be living in an uninsulated cardboard box. So, you see...I do have perspective.

I'm still trying to de-paint my diningroom that looked soooo gorgeous prior to the removal of the painter's tape, which removed the paint AND primer. I'm hoping/wishing it would be done for Christmas. That's where we're putting the tree. Nick has informed me that I need to get busy. Okay, Son. Like I have nothing else to do - LOL!

Sale of Old House - we've had a couple people go through it. There was a couple this past Wednesday that liked it and are going to take their parents through next week. So, please be praying that we can unload this wonderful prize.

Here's a recent layout of Kaila using one of my sketches. There are a couple other bonus sketches posted this week at Nuts About Sketches.

I am lucky enough to get to travel to Butler to scrap my heart out at Scrapbook Station tonight. I can not wait! I have so little scrapping time nowadays.
Did I mention I can't wait until my house is completely in order? Well...I can't!
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