Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I just think they should be bigger! Call be prejudice if you like, but I want/need my police officers to be bigger than a twelve year old. I also don't think I should be able to lift them off the ground. What is this insanity I speak of? Well, that would be the delightful "boy" that pulled me over for speeding on Saturday night. Just think of how secure I felt watching this tiny human, not much larger than my 10 year old, walk to my window to start the tongue-lashing. I seriously don't care what anyone says about how small people can disarm criminals, etc. I just want my "protectors" to be big, semi-tall and STRONG! I don't think that's too much to ask.

Anyway, I wasn't speeding on purpose, especially 67 in a 45. I plain and simply wasn't paying attention. Clearly, honesty doesn't get you anywhere with a twelve year old - cop wannabe. I guess I'm just bitter that this KID was yelling at me. I know I'm at fault. That's not even an issue. Yes, I'll be paying the overly expensive ticket, but doggone it!!! Give me a man to write that there ticket, not a freakin' boy!

Okay. Let's move on to bigger and better subjects. WE SOLD THE HOUSE! The sale is complete! Check is in the bank, etc. How awesome is that? We listed the house not even 4 full months ago. So, for all of you who were skeptical over my ranting that I thought it would be gone in 6 months - I TOLD YOU SO!!! Ha! It's a glorious feeling, let me tell you! Now we can focus more on this house and all of the animals that will be entering the homestead in the next two months. There's also the little detail of us refinancing this house and everything that entails. Life is busily fantastic!

On the scrapping front, my sketch blog is being featured on Molly Peckham's blog. She is an amazing scrapper with a great blog and gorgeous children. Thanks for the plug, Molly! Go check out her work and her other sketchy shares for even more inspiration.

Here's a little layout I did for my sketch blog regarding the release of our ducks.

Until my next update, have a great day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, my!!! I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. Wow!

Clearly I've been busy with all this "house" business. Things are moving right along. There's just not enough time in the day. Charlie just finished my scraproom floor last night. He's not happy with it at all, but I think it looks great. It's a scraproom...in the basement...perfection is not required. I can't wait to move all my stuff in. He has to put some baseboards down though to cover the edges of the tile. I'll hopefully get some photos soon.

We've had a couple of nice days and it has been AWESOME here! It's just gorgeous. We're so fortunate to be able to look out our kitchen window and see so much land. We are quite content with our purchase even with all of the "surprises" we've had. The kids LOVE it! I'm pretty sure I won't see too much of them in the house this Summer. I may have to fit them with tracking devices though. I'm looking forward to taking some walks around the perimeter. You know...exercise??? Yeah...that will be good ;)

Blake lost his first tooth a couple weeks ago with his second last night. I yanked the second one 0ut. His tooth was already growing behind it. I kept telling him it needs to come out so he could push that tooth forward. Well, he let me do it last night. I'll keep you posted if he even considers letting pull the next one.

The kids start swim lessons on the 30th of March. Excitement isn't a strong enough word for them. They just can't wait. They wanted to swim in the trenches in the backyard yesterday and the day before. Ahhh, it's only 69 degrees kids. Needless to say, I put a stop to that right-quick. It's going to be a very busy two weeks.

I've been seeking relief at Physical Therapy for the last three weeks regarding my shoulder...initially. Now, it's my stinkin' elbow. My shoulder is considerably better/stronger, but my poor elbow has taken the brunt of the pain regarding therapy. I am being told that I have tennis elbow. I just don't have time for this, but I am trying to follow their orders. I've barely started therapy for my elbow. I had to take the weekend off, because it hurts so bad just to bend it. Pathetic, I know.

Here are a couple recent layouts.

Thanks for stopping by! I promise I'll try to update more regularly.