Thursday, January 30, 2014's 2014...yeah! I was not a fan of 2013 at all. I can't complain about anything in particular, it just wasn't my best year. That's why I am thrilled to be in 2014!

We start this love fest with New Year's Eve 2013 and a couple photos from New Year's Day 2014.

Cold after eating ice cream.

Back to blonde...not a fan of the brown hair on myself.

I pampered myself with some fake eyelashes and pretty nails. Yes, I am cursed with huge pores and wimpy, non-existent lashes. I am 40 years old after all.

Project Life 2013 Continues...

Week 6

Week 6 Left Side

Week 6 Right Side

Week 14 (Week of Easter)

Week 14 Insert Front

Week 14 Insert Back

Week 14 Left Side 

Week 14 Right Side

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