Monday, May 04, 2009

Holy Cow, it's May! How did that sneak up on me so fast? It is the last month of school. Kaila only has 5 more days and then she graduates from Pre-K. She thinks she gets to go straight to Kindergarten the following week. I told her she gets a three and a half month break and then she gets put to work. She's so excited.

Speaking of cows, we got our two meat calves, a.k.a. T-Bone and Dinner. The kids named them. What can I say? I had to remind them that we are going to EAT them after they told me how cute they are. The two calves are doing very well in their pasture. Charlie has quite the set-up for them. For now, they're lucky.
Here is a layout I made for my sketch blog.

We've almost owned this house for one year already. That is just hard to believe. We've done so much to the house, for the house and gotten so many animals for the kids that it's hard to remember the other house. Although, we do glance over at the old house when we go by - LOL. There's still so much to do and unpack. Yes, I'm STILL not done unpacking. My scraproom is just about ready to be moved into, after I finish dusting and vacuuming it. I have to decide which table/desk I want in there. It really depends on what will fit in the middle of the room and still allow me access to all of the cabinets. I can not wait to share photos of my new space!
Here are some more pages from the baby book I did for Charlie's cousin, Jessie.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check again for updated NEW HOUSE photos.


AbbieTorroll said...

you have been BUSY!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all your new stuff!! I am SO glad to see you hanging out at SO and the NOok!!! Don't leave, or I will hunt you down;) he he he

I can't wait to see new house pictures!! Have a great weekend!

Angelina said...

ROFLOL!!! The calves' names are HILARIOUS...those funny kids. You're right, though. When you live on a farm, the kids have to learn the difference between pets and food. It's kinda tough, but reality. Can't wait to see the new scraproom! :)

Emmy said...

beautiful colours and los!

deiha said...

great work

Krista Hanna said...

so many pretty colors on your layouts!