Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's just about hunting season!!! We are almost totally out of venison. I can't remember the last time this happened. Nick must be eating too much :) Archery starts Saturday and we're all excited for some fresh meat. No pressure, pressure :)

The kids are adjusting very well to school. It's a hectic morning, but really isn't as bad as I had anticipated. Blake's always the first one up, which he's proud of. Kaila is usually the last one to drag her butt out of bed, but they're almost always pleasant. Nick complains that he has to shower in the morning and can't understand why. Ahhh, you stink, Nick! There's a clue. I don't know what happens during the course of the night, but man! Morning it is!

We're coming up on Kaila's 6th birthday, which of course, she's excited about. She's already put in her order for chicken wings, strawberry cake (if anyone will eat it, she said) and Dad's ice cream (cookies 'n cream). She has decided she wants a dog in a purse. She loved her last one, so I'm sure if I can find one...she'll have a twin for Amber. Busy week next week.

Now on the scrapping front, I muddled through creating a layout yesterday for Willow Traders LEO. I don't feel all that well, so that was quite an accomplishment for me. I used an older kit from The Scrapping Spot . There's one more LEO to go for September. I've had a blast and only missed one so far. I'm looking forward to the Willow Traders and the October THAW challenges for October.

On another note, my DH put my diningroom curtains up. It looks a lot better. Now, if I could only get a new table/chairs it would really look nice.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scrabble and cake and scrapping, oh my!

I was fortunate enough to play 7 glorious games of scrabble with my dearly beloved mother while she was here :) I actually won 3 out of the 7. I know! I know...unprecedented. Wonders never may never happen again. So, I wanted to make sure it was written down know...for future generations - LOL!

I'm happy to say that I completed 15 layouts at my scrapaway last weekend. I only scrapped about 54 photos. Charlene, however, scrapped about 150-160! She was a machine! I think I might just challenge myself to try and scrap more photos than Char at our next scrapday. What do you think, Char??? I did make the Earthquake Cake that my friend, Becky over at The Cake Mix, gave me the recipe for. None of it made it home - yum!

Here's layout from my sketch blog. It's Nick at 9 years old.

Here is a layout from the challenges over at Willow Traders, which I am having a blast participating in :)

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Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a tad hectic as of late.

Kaila did end up getting her shots - thank goodness! She had to get three instead of two and the last one burns. Nice! She's fine and dandy now, but she did have a little bit of an illness (sinuses???) that Sunday after her shots. Poor thing. It only lasted about 5 hours and she was perfectly fine, so I'm thinking she had a little bit more mucus than her body could handle. I know...TMI!

I had a GREAT day at my scrapday at Char's church on Saturday. They are too few and far between, but I look forward to them SO much! I created 9 layouts using 48 pictures. I did 4 two pagers and 1 single page. The only problem I had was MY sinuses were KILLING me and it wouldn't go away. We packed up just a little earlier than normal.

Blake and Kaila have swimming lessons this week and next week. It's always a little CRAZY, but they love it. They follow directions very well and get a treat while we're there. They are in swimming at different times, so one is always with me. Next time they'll both be in the same time slot. That will make it soooo much easier. Nick decided he doesn't need them, which is fine. He does swim better than I thought he would. He did excellent last time and I couldn't believe how smooth his dives were. I was shocked. Anyway, one more week of that for the two little ones until Spring.

My Mom arrived on Tuesday much to our delight. She put up the remainder of my curtains in the livingroom, which I believe ties the whole room together. I still need to purchase vertical blinds for the smaller windows, but I have to say...I love lookin' at them there curtains/drapes!

I'm blessed enough to get to take a weekend to scrapbook with some of my favorite people this weekend. Hence, the main reason my Mom is here :) I'm almost completely packed, which is unprecedented! I'm extremely excited! WAHOOOO!
Scroll down to see what I've been creating to keep up with LEO Challenges over at the Willow Traders. I used The Scrapping Spot kits for 3/4 of them :)

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still adjusting to my "free" time, but loving every minute of it! I have a ton of errands to do today, as well as take Kaila to get her last set of shots - if she doesn't have a fever.

I'm currently preparing for my scrapday on Saturday. Plus, my Mom is coming sometime next week, so I'm trying to spruce up the house as well. I'm making headway :)

Here's a layout I created with the June 2009 kit from The Scrapping Spot for the 4th LEO challenge at Willow Traders. I actually just received more papers for this kit, because I love it so much. If you get a chance, go checkout the Septemer LEO gallery. The layouts are GREAT!
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Monday, September 07, 2009

Here's the photo of the first day that ALL three kids went to school ALL day! Kaila ran to the bus and never looked back!

Happy Labor Day!!! I hope you all had a great day relaxing, partying, or God forbid...working!!!

We got back from camp around 2:00 p.m. after 3 days of relaxing, watching movies, playing catch, eating and scrapbooking :)
We celebrated Nick's birthday, which wasn't much of a celebration compared to years past. He didn't want cake...he just wanted vanilla ice cream. Fine. So, I stuck two candles in it, because he just turned 11 and that was it. He got Half Life 2 and a red portable CD/FM player. Wow, excitement abounds. However, the child did not want to wait for me to give him a spoon, so he just started eating his ice cream like a DOG! I have to say, I'm so easily amused I just could not stop him, or stop LAUGHING!!! To me, it was hysterical! Pathetic I know, but hilarious!

Here are a couple layouts I did while we were up at camp for the Willow Traders LEO Challenges for September.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's only the third day of school...what could go wrong??? It's nothing major...Blake missed the bus home from school. His teacher was so enthralled in the learning process that she lost track of time and the whole class missed their buses. Kaila said that Blake got on the wrong bus and she didn't because SHE was paying attention! Nope! His whole class just missed their buses. I like that better than him getting on the wrong bus. He made it home safe and sound. No problem.

Nick is enjoying 6th grade so far. He seems to be a little bit more responsible. He's playing trumpet again this year. I hope he takes it more seriously this year and practices more.

Blake is just as quiet as ever about school. He still seems to think that he has no friends. I just don't know what to do about that. I don't know if he's exaggerating, or if his concerns are valid.

Kaila seems like she's adjusting very well. In fact, the first day she rode the bus she didn't even tell me goodbye! She just ran onto the bus with her brothers! Can you imagine!??? She seems excited for each new day. She was able to work on computers yesterday.

As for me, I'm still adjusting myself. There are just sooooo many options for me now. I just don't know what to jump into next! I was able to scrap yesterday. I completed my September LEO challenge at Willow Traders. I had to scraplift a layout from someone who participated in the July LEO challenge. I lifted one from Hillary called Water Park.

I'm off to accomplish some housework. Yeah!!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Today's the day! Today is the day of...FREEDOM!!! After 11 years of being blessed with children...I am alone again. Alone for 7 glorious hours of...whatever I want!

Here are some photos of the children on their first day.

Here's a layout from Blake graduating Kindergarten. Now, he's in 2nd grade!
Time goes by so quickly I have to capture as many moments as I can. I realize that I say freedom is glorious, but there will definitely be a day that I will want the "restricted" days back. In a blink of an eye these children have grown so fast, that without photos, I wouldn't..couldn't remember what they looked like in their younger days. So, as my self-given job...I will continue to document every moment. I will cherish every smile...I will relish every hug and I LOVE YOU.
These are the best years of my life.

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