Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a tad hectic as of late.

Kaila did end up getting her shots - thank goodness! She had to get three instead of two and the last one burns. Nice! She's fine and dandy now, but she did have a little bit of an illness (sinuses???) that Sunday after her shots. Poor thing. It only lasted about 5 hours and she was perfectly fine, so I'm thinking she had a little bit more mucus than her body could handle. I know...TMI!

I had a GREAT day at my scrapday at Char's church on Saturday. They are too few and far between, but I look forward to them SO much! I created 9 layouts using 48 pictures. I did 4 two pagers and 1 single page. The only problem I had was MY sinuses were KILLING me and it wouldn't go away. We packed up just a little earlier than normal.

Blake and Kaila have swimming lessons this week and next week. It's always a little CRAZY, but they love it. They follow directions very well and get a treat while we're there. They are in swimming at different times, so one is always with me. Next time they'll both be in the same time slot. That will make it soooo much easier. Nick decided he doesn't need them, which is fine. He does swim better than I thought he would. He did excellent last time and I couldn't believe how smooth his dives were. I was shocked. Anyway, one more week of that for the two little ones until Spring.

My Mom arrived on Tuesday much to our delight. She put up the remainder of my curtains in the livingroom, which I believe ties the whole room together. I still need to purchase vertical blinds for the smaller windows, but I have to say...I love lookin' at them there curtains/drapes!

I'm blessed enough to get to take a weekend to scrapbook with some of my favorite people this weekend. Hence, the main reason my Mom is here :) I'm almost completely packed, which is unprecedented! I'm extremely excited! WAHOOOO!
Scroll down to see what I've been creating to keep up with LEO Challenges over at the Willow Traders. I used The Scrapping Spot kits for 3/4 of them :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!!


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Vera said...

great LOs, Shawn! Have fun at your crop!!