Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just a quick update...we're enjoying the Summer and looking forward to our trip to Michigan to drop our kids off for 2 weeks. Yes! Two whole weeks of "freedom!" Can you blame me for scheduling something every single day? I have to say that there are two events I'm REALLY looking forward to. #1 - a whole day to scrap with my friends at Scrapbook Station and #2 - Harry Potter movie!!!! Pure heaven, I tell you!

I'm seriously trying to get the kids out more this Summer than I normally do. I usually stay home ALL the time! Can you believe that? It's true. Well, today we tried to get together with friends for a photoshoot at the park, but alas, it was not meant to be. Next time, Ange! I then decided that I would take the kids, all 5 of them (nieces too), to a movie. No problem. Now, if the movie would have been good...it would really have been nice. What did we see, you ask? We wasted our money on "Surf's Up!" Yeah...did NOT like it AT ALL! A complete and utter waste of money. I really wish I would have gone and seen "Shrek 3" or "Meet the Robinsons."

Anyway, I was able to complete a two-page layout the other night while out with the girls. I did this for a challenge over at M2Y. I completed the "Funny Faces" layout as well. I have one more sketch to complete. It's almost done...just need to add the journaling. It's been a great challenge to complete all of Becky Fleck's June Pagemaps sketches.
Here's to another great day of Summer!
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Friday, June 15, 2007

It's been 10 years since DH and I took the plunge into the institution of Marriage. I suppose 10 years goes by pretty quickly when you've been blessed, which is exactly what we continue to be. It's hard to believe it's been that long. Nieces, nephews and small cousins have since grown up quite considerably. Who would have thought we would be where we are today? We have three beautiful, healthy children, a home and a loving extended family. It's just amazing!

Charlie and I were lucky enough to be able to go out to dinner and a movie last night while the kids spent the night at my in-laws. I couldn't possibly have better in-laws...another blessing. Charlie and I ate dinner at Lone Star in Boardman, OH. MMMM! I had delmonico steak! Yum! I just can't get over how good it is there! Jaci, if you have a chance to pop on over there...take it! We then proceeded to take in Ocean's 13 at the Westgate Cinema in New Castle, PA. It was good, but not great. Of course, that is just an opinion. Oh, prior to leaving for the restaurant, I received a delightful gold/diamond bracelet! So, so pretty! What a doll he is!

Anyway, I took these photos before we left last night. Don't we look happy? Well, truth be told..he's pinching me ;)

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

I know...I know!!! She actually KISSED it!! Try not to freak out too badly. She's just too quick. For your information, she also kisses fish! I try to explain to her all of their germs, etc. She doesn't seem to care yet. What's a Mom to do?
I did this layout using one of Becky Fleck's June PageMaps sketches. M2Y is currently having a month long challenge. The challenge is to complete as many of PageMaps June Sketches as you can by the end of June. There are a total of 10 sketches and I have done 5 so far. I'm leaving the double pagers for last. Imagine that! I'm happy with how everything's turning out so far. So, I'll keep a-scrappin'!
I've accomplished quite a bit today. Laundry, dishes, floor scrubbed, floors vacuumed, counters cleaned off...yes, it's been great! I think I deserve to scrap now. Well...it COULD happen!
This is just a quick post to show you what I was doing until midnight last night. I was down here scrapping...listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on CD...the time just FLEW!
Jaci - I'll be waiting for that phone call ;)
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Friday, June 08, 2007

What do you think? Do you like the new look? My dearly beloved friend, Angelina, made this banner for me. Can you say, "What a friend?" It goes very nicely with my color scheme. Thanks, Ange! You rock,Girl!

There's been some scrappin' goin' on in my house. I've been able to complete a couple challenges are various websites using things that I love...sketches and my stash! How could anyone go wrong? I'm lookin' to scrap again tonight if my sinuses will cooperate.

Well, school is finally out. And, yes, there is already some, "What are we going to do now?" questions floating about on the premises. Imagine that! Well, Nick spent the night at his grandparents' house last night, so I'm not hearing much of that today. There's plenty of Summer left for that! I actually plan on doing some things/activities with the kids this year. We usually just stay home ALL the time, but not this Summer!

Gotta go...bad storm!


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Holy Cow! I bet you all thought I dropped off of the face of the earth. It kind of felt like it there for a while. Now I know why a lot of you don't update your blogs very often. I haven't updated since I left for Texas.

Texas Trip - It was great! Weather...perfect. Very relaxing. I even scrapped a bit with my buddy, Becky!

Thursday - We went to a big scrapbook store called "The Scrapbook Pad." It was very nicely arranged with lots of goodies that were cheaper in Texas than in PA. I spent about $60. I also found things there that I couldn't get up here, so it was nice. We took a trip the Cabela's, ate at a cute little restaurant and caught one of Nathan's baseball games. Boy, did that game bring back memories of my days playing softball!

Friday - We took a trip to Fort Worth to tour the Stock Yards, eat and go to the RODEO! That was so stinkin' cool I could barely stand it! I took a lot of photos, but can't find the memory card that I used. Imagine that! I took some photos with my 35MM point and shoot, so all is not lost. I need a better camera - plain and simple!

Saturday - We had a cookout with some friends and their reletives. Yeah, and we "tried" guacamole. Ummm...didn't care for it. Well, apparently, if we don't like guacamole...we're Un-American! I didn't see that in the rule book, Becky! - LOL!

Sunday - Charlie wasn't too keen on the idea of going to a Catholic church that didn't speak English, so we ventured to my religion..Baptist, which is what Becky and Chris are. Can I say how happy I was about that? Becky is on the Praise Team and was unable to sing with her Mother/Partner, so I filled in for her. I'm not quite sure if anyone even heard me, but I sang anyway. It sounded to me like I was really loud, so I backed off of the mic. I had a good time and felt very comfortable. Later that evening, we went back to church for a pot luck. Aren't those the best? Man! It's been ages since I've been to one of those. OH, and let's not forget we had great TEXAS Home-Cookin'! Ya gotta love it!

Monday - Becky and I scrapped most of the day while the guys went to pawn shops, etc. We then prepared a nice homemade pizza dinner for everyone. Yum! I believe the guys watched A Night at the Museum while Becky and I scrapped.

Tuesday - Our last day there...sad, but true. We scrapped again for part of the day, while the guys left us again...no problem. That night, we played dominoes for about 3 hours. Wow! That time went fast. It was so fun. I rarely get to play any games, so it was perfect for me, since I LOVE games!

Wednesday - We left early for the airport to get back to PA and our darling children, who were taken care of so well by my inlaws. It was awesome to see Chris and Becky again and we're already planning another trip with them for next year.

I returned home to scrap...just a little...for ScrapNCircle using the My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie papers and embellishments. I used some of Becky Fleck's (pagemaps.com) sketches for Half Maps. How cool are those! So many sketches! It's a new size for me, but it's great to work with. ScrapNCircle is having eatch Design Team member put coordinating kits together to purchase beginning in July. What an awesome idea! So, be sure to check it out to see what we come up with! ScrapNCircle also has what we lovingly call "Thrillin' Thursdays" about twice a month. It's an online challenge day with challenges, questions and chatting. Feelin' froggy? Then stop on by and join in on all of the fun!
My most recent creation was put together using a kit from Memories2You called Junkitz Extreme Boy. Can I just tell you how fun that was! I did an Ad Challenge at ScrapNCircle on our Thrillin' Thursday. Thanks for the inspiration!
I'm currently in "get the stinkin' laundry done" mode. What a drag! My dryer is way too slow at drying these clothes, so it takes twice as long to complete anything. It doesn't help when you have 20+ loads to do either. May I borrow anyone's "Laundry Fairy?"
We still have 4 days left of school. I can not believe that Nick is just about done with 3rd Grade already. Wow! That year went fast! Next year will be 4th Grade for Nick, Kindergarten for Blake AND Pre-K for Kaila. Imagine that! Two hours of freedom three days a week. I can hardly wait, but then again...I can. Sniff! Sniff! They're growing toooooo fast!
I think that's enough for now. I hope you've all enjoyed this post and drop me a line.
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