Monday, August 28, 2006

We had the kids' party on Saturday. It didn't rain and wasn't too terribly hot, so that was good. Our attendance was down immensely from previous years, but I seriously don't even think the kids noticed. I was absolutely delighted that my Aunt Connie and her good friend, Chris were able to make it from Michigan. It is the first birthday party she's been able to make, so I was very happy to have them both here. We were actually more prepared for this party than any of our other parties. So, I wasn't too stressed. That was very nice!

Nick received an awesome gift from his Aunt Donna. She and her family took him to Cabela's on Sunday afternoon. These photos are of him and the clan in the store. He had a blast and wants to go back again. He spent a lot of his money on...Catfish BAIT!!!! That's some smelly stuff! The picture of Nick on the phone is him using one of his valuable lifelines. Yes! He was only allowed to use the phone so many times. However, he found a loophole and used his cousin, Andrew, to do his dirty work. He was quite the character from what I was told. Then again, I knew that!

We met Nick's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Book. Ironically enough, Charlie (Nick's Dad) had her for 3rd grade also. From what I gathered at the meeting tonight, they're in for a great year! I'm really looking forward to it. Nick was the only one who asked any questions, or even spoke for that matter. Yeah, he's not shy at all. Now, if he had better handwriting I'd be even happier.

See ya!



*Jeanne* said...

Sounds like a awesome Bday party! Glad he had a great birthday! Cute photos....

Oh that bait?!? Yep they call that stink bait down here in the south.. and it sure lives up to its name... lol

motobarbie said...

Great pictures Shawn. It looks like he had a blast!