Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some of you will sure get a kick out of this, so try and stay with me here... Oh, and if you're a serious animal-lover, or don't like to hear about the death of animals a.k.a edible meat - don't read on.

Yesterday was a day like any other day in the Lahr household complete with running here and there, working out, ebay, etc. My house is trashed because I haven't been home very much the last several days, that's my excuse this time anyway. I made a turkey breast last night - Yum! Then it was time to prepare for my Monday night volleyball. All was going well, I left and started up the road. I was messing with my CD player with my book on tape - "Angels and Demons." I was on the last CD and wanted to take the next 10 minutes listening to the conclusion. So, I wasn't going very fast, contrary to popular beliefs. When, out of nowhere...I NAILED a deer!!! YES! Before you gasp in disbelief, let it be known that I DID see it and I did slam on the brakes with the full force of these tired, old legs. However, much to my yummy dismay...the deer did not make it to the field. She took her last fleeting breath in the ditch. Don't fret...she did not die in vein. She will live on in all of us for the next 8-12 months. Some of you may wonder the exact amount of damage that this poor soul took on my already abused vehicle. I'm happy to report that the only casualty, besides the deer, was my left front headlight cover. Also, I did continue to make it to my volleyball game whilst my darling husband procured the fallen soul.

In other news, I completed another layout for the BPS LOAD Day 29:

These pictures are from 2006. These kids are getting so big! Click on the image for a larger view.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my "story."


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Nancyroo said...

LMAO! I laughed so hard at work my students wanted to know what was so funny. Only in Pennsylvania does someone hit a deer and take it home for dinner. Shawn-1; Deer 0. hehe.