Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's been a while since I'm posted, so I thought I better get my butt over here.

Volleyball ended last week, so now I have every Monday night to scrap if I so desire. Well, lately I've been too tuckered out, who knows why, to scrap too terribly much. However, I'll be playing Volleyball on Saturday nights starting in June, so I'll be getting at least a "little" exercise ;)

I received my May kit from The Memory Safe and I soooo love it! It's the A2Z Island Blossoms Kit. I'll post the layouts I've finished so far at the top...I think. I haven't gotten the hang of doing this blog correctly yet and haven't taken the time to ask anyone, so until then...I'm just going to wing it.

We traveled to Michigan for Easter to visit my parents. It was BEAUTIFUL! I had to plan all of the meals due to my Mother's recent gall bladder removal. She doesn't like to plan, so I took that burden away from her. Everything was delicious! We also had a great Easter Egg Hunt for the nine grandchildren that were there. They had a blast! Those little buggers are soooo fast I could barely get pictures of the older ones. Sheesh!

We had some bad news this weekend. My husband's Uncle on his Mother's side passed away unexpectedly due to heart failure at "almost" 51 on Saturday. He would have had his 51st birthday this Sunday the 30th. It is a great loss and he will be missed.

I must prepare for tonight's events which will include Nick's Spring Play. He actually has a part, besides singing with the entire class. He'll be doing what he calls a "solo", but is actually a "number" with 5 other kids. He insists he needs to wear his new suit that was purchased this weekend for first communion next month. I told him he was nuts and he'll just be all spiffed up in his regular dress pants, shirt and tie. He's too stinkin' cute!

Until next time, Bloggers...


Margo said...

Shawn those layouts look great. I too got this kit and I am having so much fun with it.

Oh you have to share some pics of your son and his play.

Jaci said...

Your Lo's rock Shawn! Man, you just have talent oozing out of you! Send some a little my way OK? ;)