Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I just wanted to update everyone on the events from last night. We had to hustle and bustle to get the timing worked out between DH's Uncle's viewing and Nick's play, but everything went fine. DH's Uncle's viewing was so sad. It's heartbreaking enough to lose someone, but when they're so young it's even worse. I know for some people 50 (almost 51) doesn't sound young, but I gotta tell me you're in your prime. Then again, I may be saying that if I reach 80 ;)

Charlie's sister took Nick to the play so he could get there on time just in case we were late. I went back to his room to make sure everything was okay...his clothing that is. Well, it's a good thing I checked. He had missed two belt loops and his shirt was half untucked. So, being the mother I am, I went right in there and fixed everything in front of everyone. The little girls were laughing. I asked them if they wanted his pants to fall down in the middle of the play. There was an uproar of little girl giggles followed by several giggly "Nos." It was so cute. It was a very cute play filled with lovely songs and hand motions.

We finally arrived home at around 7:00 p.m. to prepare our dinner (sloppy joes). I sooooo wanted to scrap, but I think the events from the day just wore me out and I was in bed by 9:00 and sleeping by 10:05-ish. I know...sad, but true.

So, here I am ready to face another bright, beautiful day and take on all of my tasks in the hopes that tonight I'll be awake enough to get some scrap "work" done.

Here's hoping...

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Margo said...

I'm glad that the play went so well. I am so sorry about DH's Uncle that is hard thing and I agree 50 is way young.