Friday, April 28, 2006

TGIF! Wow! Another week has gone by and Summer's creaping up on us. I can not believe how fast time goes.

I survived another elementary field trip yesterday. The 2nd grade class traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to visit the Science Center. It is huge! It is filled with so many facts and awesome activities for the children to experience. They had a blast and were exhausted! We couldn't have had a better day weather-wise. Talk about gorgeous! I have to say my favorite part of the center was the MALE Seahorse giving birth to tiny little Seahorses. Yes! You heard it here! The MALE goes through the agony of Seahorsebirth. HA! That slays me! They are quite beautiful little creatures.

My friend, Charlene, called me to schedule some Scrap-Time for last night. Yeah! Give me a reason to lock myself in here! I completed my project for The Memory Safe Spring Survivor Week 5, so I am one happy camper! Not only did I finally get to scrap last night, but I'll be traveling with my awesome friend, Angelina to Butler, PA tonight to meet up with another great friend, Lori, to scrap the night away. Ahhhh, life is GOOOOOOD!

Until then, I must complete many tasks to keep DH happy.



Margo said...

I so love the way this turned out it looks awsome.

*Jeanne* said...

This altered box is adorable. Too cute. So I am reading your blog.. I just have to say this. I spent some of my childhood in PA. Yep.. Mt. Lebenon sp? Just thought it was something to bring up. I loved living in PA, or what I remember of it.

Your blog looks great.

Amy said...

This is awesome! Field Trips HUH, I have another year or two but good to have you back!