Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At the very bottom of this post is a photo of Blake with his very first squirrel that he shot on Saturday. So, if you don't particularly wish to view the excitement on his face, or the squirrel...stop after the layout of Kaila.

To start off, Charlie is finally home. We all missed him terribly. I'm fairly certain I missed him the most :) He didn't get an elk, but another hunter that was with him did. The deal was that it didn't matter who shot the elk...they would split the meat. So, we have elk meat and it is DELICIOUS! Charlie brought back souvenirs. We all received a Gunnison, Colorado sweatshirt. I also was lucky enough to receive a beautiful coffee mug. I can always use one of those. This one is slightly larger, so I can suck down even more coffee without having to refill it :)

I was feeling a little creative last week and was delighted to complete a newborn layout featuring Nick. Wasn't he soooo adorable??? I used old Making Memories supplies to do this one.

This next layout fits the Week 10 challenge on Dee's blog. Yeah!

52 Week Challenge #10 - the challenge is to pair old supplies with newer supplies. I have really old KI Memories paper and some new puffy white flourishes.

Here's my darling son that finally shot his first squirrel, which will be eaten very shortly. He got the biggest one of the day!

Kaila is involved in Girl Scouts now, which she LOVES! They do a craft each week. This is what she did last week. How cute is this little turkey?

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