Monday, November 29, 2010

Whew! There are a lot of photos in this post :) Hunker down, People! This may take a while :)

I'm starting out with my layout created using Nuts About Sketches Week 137. It's one of my favorites that I've ever created. Be sure and checkout each of the other DT members' creations.

Thanksgiving 2010 consisted of way more food that I'm used to. I usually don't eat that much in one sitting. Needless to say, I will more-than-likely be on a diet starting tomorrow :)

Blake wasn't cooperative at all while was trying to take photos. This is about the only one I got on Thanksgiving.

Ashley and Kaila...

Bethani, Amber, Tyler and Kaila

Bethani and Kaila born 12 days apart.

Kaila and Me

Aunt (Queen) Doreen and Me

Okay, onto the Monday after Thankgiving...Kraynak's!!! They have a gorgeous

Christmas tree display, as well as trains to play with. After we tour the display and play with trains, we head over to Arby's for some grub. It's our tradition. It's what we do. Well, this year there was only 3 kids as opposed to the normal 8. Boy, was that different!
After we had our fill at Arby's (yummy), we headed over to Jo Ann Fabrics to checkout their sales. I bought what I wanted at 40% off!!!
We zipped from Jo Ann's over to Shenango Valley Cinema to see our very first movie in 3D. We watched Megamind. It was seriously cool in 3D. Now I want to see an action movie in 3D.
Now we move on to the real excitement for the day. Nicholas shot his first buck with a 30/30 open sites. Seriously! It is a 4 point, but that's only because the entire other set of horns has been ripped off by fighting (probably). Nick was sure to inform me that the heart wasn't damaged, because it is meat and we do eat that as well. Delicious by the way ;) We are so proud of him!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Check back tomorrow for my newest Sketchabilities creation.

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