Friday, July 31, 2009

I am missing my husband... Big surprise! I've been gone for 6 days already and still have 5 until I return. Sigh... I'm sure this time is going more slowly for him, due to the fact that he's lonely. I have many children/relatives to keep me company.

VBS is over. Nick is finally fishing and Wendi took her kids home for the weekend. The two boys get to go to 3 days of church camp starting Monday. My Mom will have Kaila/Katie and I'm going to visit my Grandparents/David(brother)/Wendi(sister)/Aunt Connie on Monday night. I've actually been out in the sun 3 times a bathing suit - eghad! I'm getting some tan/burn. I'm hoping to go swimming at least 2 more times. We'll see how warm it is.

Here are some recent layouts I made. These layouts are made using The Scrapping Spot July Kit.

Here are a couple more layouts from the book I made Charlie's cousin.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My nephew, Kenny needs your prayers! He is going in for heart surgery tomorrow. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

In other news...

They have returned!!! Yes, the children are back and under my control...I my care ;) They are tan! Kaila looks pretty brown compared to what she usually is. I guess that's what 3 times a day in the pool will get you. Oh, and let's not forget the little buggers grew! Unbelievable!
They had such a great time playing with their cousins, going to Lake Michigan (no pictures were taken), spending time with Grandpa/Grandma and just swimming...swimming...swimming!!! We'll be going back in two weeks and maybe, just maybe I'll get some sun too. I'm not making any promises, but I've been told that I look very similar to a vampire as of late.

We returned home yesterday to Charlie putting up a brand spankin' new trampoline!!! Wahoooo! I think I enjoy it as much as the kids do. The kids were running as soon as their feet hit the ground out of the vehicle. The two little ones went to help Charlie and Nick went to the chickens and then to get the golf cart operational. I went to the kitchen to prepare our dinner/ pie ;) Well, the kids weren't that hungry. They snacked the whole way home from Michigan. The pie was delicious by the way.

Today is Blake's first day of Summer school. He was excited, but apprehensive. I hope the day goes well. There didn't seem to be too many children on his bus, which is a good thing. He enjoyed it last year for the four days he was there, so hopefully he will like the eight days he gets this year.

Now, as for me...I must clean/organize...story of my life.
Before I go, I'll share a couple recent layouts and then five layouts from April (Charlie's Cousin's Album).

Monday, July 06, 2009

For those of you who say that you don't need a break, don't like one, or just plain miss your kids too terribly to ever consider having them all gone at the same time ever again...are a bunch of liars! It is GLORIOUS! The freedom...glorious FREEDOM! I have to say I do have some slight control issues, which my Mother will attest to, but all-in-all, I'm doing just fine without the children. Thanks for asking! Charlie and I are able to communicate without so much as a peep from anything, let alone little noise-makers (a.k.a. children). Which, I believe Charlie would say is one of the best things about this mini-honeymoon.

We're working hard trying to get some things done here, but we're actually RE-LAX-ING! Imagine that! Who would have thought we'd be able to take a couple moments for ourselves? I have 6 more days until I go get my little darlings. Then, it's off to the rat race again. Very busy!

For now, here are some much anticipated photos. Thanks for peeking!

Unless otherwise stated, the layouts were done using my own sketches.

Watering Hole: I used a Pagemaps sketch for this one.
Golf 101: I used an Alicia Merrifield sketch for this one. You can see the actual sketch on my sketch blog.

Our diningroom, complete with new windows. Now, if I could just purchase a new table/chairs my Mother would be oh-so-happy! I do have the curtains, but I have to get the pole to put them up. It's on the list, People!

This is T-Bone and the black/white one is Dinner. How ironic that that's what they'll actually be in February. Cruel? I think not. Delicious? Most definitely.

Check this kid out! Click on the photo to get a close up of his facial expression. I laughed out loud!!!

Ok. This photo is used to show you how long her hair is. It may not always be this long, so I just wanted this on record.

Now, this is the photo that made Charlie (Dad) say, "We're going to need to lock her up!" sweet.

Father's Day 2009