Friday, July 31, 2009

I am missing my husband... Big surprise! I've been gone for 6 days already and still have 5 until I return. Sigh... I'm sure this time is going more slowly for him, due to the fact that he's lonely. I have many children/relatives to keep me company.

VBS is over. Nick is finally fishing and Wendi took her kids home for the weekend. The two boys get to go to 3 days of church camp starting Monday. My Mom will have Kaila/Katie and I'm going to visit my Grandparents/David(brother)/Wendi(sister)/Aunt Connie on Monday night. I've actually been out in the sun 3 times a bathing suit - eghad! I'm getting some tan/burn. I'm hoping to go swimming at least 2 more times. We'll see how warm it is.

Here are some recent layouts I made. These layouts are made using The Scrapping Spot July Kit.

Here are a couple more layouts from the book I made Charlie's cousin.

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Dee said...

Shawn- Thanks for all the encouragement and wonderful compliments both on my blog and at TSS. You make me smile I would so love for you to come go to the beach with me. I think we would be best pals quickly! ha!! Your layouts on this post are amazing as always. I love, love your style and you are an amazing scrapper!!