Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holy WIND, Batman!!! Can I just tell you that WIND and the LAHR family just don't get along? We no-like WIND! Oh, and neither does our demolished trampoline, which is across the road entwined in some electric fence. The kids are dismayed, but I tried to reassure them that we would purchase another one. It definitely got a lot of use, so I'm sure we can swing it this Spring.

Yes, the weather was gorgeous yesterday followed by some nasty gusts, which are continuing throughout the day. Lovely! We're not looking forward to freezing temperatures this weekend, but it IS still Winter.

There are two days until Valentine's Day. I usually don't do Valentine's Day layouts, but I decided that I have some awesome BasicGrey papers and NEED to use them. So, I took photos of the darling sons this AM. They are too cute. Don't you think? I haven't taken Kaila's photo yet. She was still sleeping. The boys have their "parties" today. Nick's is actually a SOCIAL, but he has stated that they are AWESOME. Blake just can't wait to get candy. Who knew? Kaila had hers yesterday and received some candy and a book. She was dressed so nicely in an outfit she put together, but being the horrible mother that I am...didn't get pictures! Ugh!

On another note, we did get our taxes done and we're in good shape. So, the blessings just keep coming! Not only that, but we're seeing an increase in buyer's interest at our other house. We're looking forward to, what is sure to be, a great couple of months.

On the weightloss front, I am 12 lbs. down since the beginning of the year. Now if I could just implement an exercising routine into my daily schedule, I might just lose more. You never know, maybe the physical therapy I'll be getting three times a week will burn some calories, thus killing two birds with one stone. Hey! I'm forever optimistic! Kaila's ready to start exercising with me. She practically begs for it. She just loves music and dancing.

Check Kaila out talking to Grandma Stiles 1 1/2 years ago. She has grown soooo much! You do realize she'll be in Kindergarten this Fall??? Oh, yes...scrap time for moi!

Well, I must go to the bank and Wal-Mart before I start my overhaul here (cleaning - wahoo...not!).



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