Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm soooo happy! I'm soooo happy! Why, you ask? No, we didn't sell the house, but it's the next best thing in my book. One word...and you women will understand. That one word is...DISHWASHER! Yes! I am a winner! My darling husband has relented. He's tired of hearing me whine about all the wasted hours spent at the sink. Oh, and it could be that I'm not actually AT the sink everyday. Hey! I'm a busy woman! No, I don't go crazy and let the dishes sit for days, but they may go one day. And apparently, that's enough for him. Stinks to be me, eh?

Not only do I get my dishwasher tomorrow, but my darling husband is also crossing so many things off his Honey-Do list. It's to the point that I'm going to need to start a new list. What can I say? He just installed my solid oak 6 panel door last night. He would have stained it tonight, but he is currently working on ebay listings. He's very productive. I'm one lucky chick!

Here are a few layouts I did at Charlene's church at our last scrapday. Soooo much fun! I just bought some new Cricut cartridges and I'm ready to go to the next one. It won't come soon enough for me. How cute are the laugh photos of Charlie and Blake??? I just pulled pictures of Nick when he was little to do some layouts pretty soon. So, don't worry...he hasn't been forgotten.

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