Monday, June 30, 2008

We're BACK! After an exhausting week of vacationing, we have returned home. We were official tourists this past week and I'm just plain tired. It was amazing to travel back to Mackinac Island after 20 years. Not much has changed. We stayed on the island at a little B&B called Chataeu Lorainne. Other than having to take an extremely cold shower the next morning, it was lovely. I'll be sure to post pictures after I upload approximately 800! We went a couple other places, which I'll be sure to enlighten you to later.

I'm currently kid-free and trying to get something...anything done! We're looking to have a huge yard/moving sale in August, so I'm scouring the house for sale items. You think I can sneak a couple toys in there? We shall see...

My good friend, Angelina will keeping me company as I'm forced to scrap tonight ;)

Here are a couple layouts I did yesterday using my sketches, along with The Scrapping Spot's July Kit.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

It appears that the house is actually ours! The word is out that it is SOLD and they're continuing to move stuff out of the house/garages. The house inspection is this afternoon and there are other inspections, etc. happening midweek.

It is also no longer a secret form the children. Charlie caved and told Nick yesterday, because he was sad he wasn't going to get to go salmon fishing with Grandpa Stiles this year. Sigh!!! Ahhh, the sacrifices one must make. I'm ruining his Summer don't you know! Now, there are endless questions and plans for several mini-farms on the 27 acres. Who didn't know that was going to happen? The kid has his own agenda. Oh, and Blake knows he gets a hamster now. So, he wants hamster "stuff" for his birthday. That ought to be fun having a miniature RAT in the house.

Here are a couple layouts that I have finished in the last week or so. "Early Reader" was inspired by Cathy's Soccer layout over at The Scrapping Spot. Thanks, Cathy!
I used The Scrapping Spot's June Boy Kit for the Reader and Pancake layouts.

The sketch for the pancake layout is on my other blog -
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pray! Pray! Pray! We're in a slight lull with the new property still. Nothing has been finalized yet. They haven't signed the agreement as of yet. They agreed verbally and the paperwork is on its way, but we haven't heard anything since Monday. Put our minds at ease! We're already decorating for Pete's sake! Well, thinking about it anyway. Sigh! Breathe!

I just got back in from jumping on the trampoline for about 45 minutes. I may just have to take ANOTHER shower! Bathe twice in one day? The heck you reallllllly. That's if my knees don't give out going back up the steps to the bathroom. Sheesh! I swear I'm only 34...well, that's what my Mom tells me anyway - LOL! Just kidding, Mom!

I did manage to complete a sketch challenge at Creative Scrappers. I used The Scrapping Spot's June Boy Kit. I seriously should have bought two of them! I love it! It's almost gone...ahhhh!

Speaking of Creative Scrappers, they're having a SKETCH CONTEST - Deadline June 30 (I think). So, if you're feeling SKETCHY, zip over and submit some of yours. They'll be voting on the sketches from July 1 - July 5. They're offering up a great prize.

Back to the grind of things...maybe I'll scrap...when my breathing slows down - LOL!

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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Thing's are gonna be changing in the Lahr house in the next couple of months. We looked at a different house with approximately 27 acres on Tuesday...made an offer on Wednesday...made a counter offer on Thursday...the owners accepted on Friday. So, if everything goes well, we'll be moving in August. Yeah! The kids don't know yet. I doubt we'll be able to keep it a secret for very long. I'll be posting pictures in a couple days. Our minds are just spinning with renovations right now. We really wouldn't have to do one darn thing to move in, but some of the colors are off in some of the rooms. It would just be easier to paint first, then move. It's ideal, because we're really in no hurry. We have a house already, so that's not a problem. We don't need to sell it right away - bonus. The only thing is the timing for school. School starts the end of August. I'm not worried. I'm extremely excited, but nearly as much as Charlie.

Anyway, let's see if blogger will let me post some more pictures/layouts.

All three of the boy layouts were done using kits from The Scrapping Spot. Check it out, there may still be some left.

This first layout is of our darling boys just days after Blake was born. Can you imagine them that small? I'm so glad I have pictures.

The second layout is my darling son, Blake and Daddy mowing.

The sketches for these three layouts are on my other blog.

This layout is of Blake acting as if he may be hungry. How could that have happened?

This last layout was done using one of Cherie Averill's awesome sketches over at Sketches-R-Us.

I told you I had a lot going on! I'm sure there's more, but it can wait.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

The end of school is near...some may say that is good. I say the only good part of that is that I get to sleep in a little longer each morning, only to awaken to constant bickering between the children. I am READY! Thank goodness it's only 3 months, eh?

We had a good time at DH's Cousin's wedding, complete with lots of food, family and dancing. Blake turned out to be quite the little Fred Astaire. Too cute! His face was soooo red by the time we left. He wanted to go home and dream about dancing, and me without my video camera! Sheesh!

I'll have to add to this later. Blogger doesn't seem to like me right now.
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