Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's been a while... My darling friends keep telling me I need to "update your blog!" Yes, well, here is my update.

Here are several of the layouts I've been working on the last month, but not all of them. It's been a good scrapping month. I even managed to crank out a card. I know...wonders never cease. A lot of these are sketches from either Pagemaps or Scrapbooks, Etc.

One of the exciting things that I've done since my last post was get some acrylic nails put on. I wasn't sure how I would like them, or if I could even function with them. I'm here to tell you that I LOVE them! I'm actually going to get my first "fill" tomorrow. They're not at all what I expected. I've been procrastinating for years on getting them. I played volleyball with them last Thursday and everything. Love 'em! My darling friend, Lori has her own shop called "Jazzie nails." If you're ever in Saxonburg, Pa, be sure and check it out.

Another event, that I absolutely LOVE, is our semi-annual Scrap-a-Way. I look forward to this even immensely! The girls and I get together and scrap all weekend at a lovely hotel in Butler, Pa. I was able to complete 15 layouts while locked inside. Good food, good friends and great scrapbooking supplies. Ya just gotta love it!

Hunting season has begun for the Archer. My DH has decided to participate in this year's quest. I'm rooting for him all the way! Small game is also in, so Nick will also be "harvesting" for the family. I love his enthusiasm. Especially, when the freezer starts filling up with squirrels. I know some of you may think that's brutal, but I assure you that they are delicious!

School is going okay for all three children. Nick is non-chalant as ever with his studies, so that's a constant battle. Blake states that every day is "boring." And little miss Kaila LOVES it! So, she is a joy to get ready. We're still in the midst of field trips for all of them, but other than that, they have no extra activities.

I'm currently participating in ScrapNCircle's Crop for a Cure Crop. They have a lot of challenges going on right now and it's for a great cause.
Well, I have whiney children, so I must go locate some ymmy cashews to shove in their mouths.
Thanks for stopping by!

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Nancyroo said...

Oh, I have missed you! Love all the LO's,esp. the one of you and Charlie! So sweet.