Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can you say, "Busted?" I can say that, plus several other nasty adjectives. What on earth could I be spouting about? What is the one thing a lot of you women wouldn't want to live without? Well, if you said, Dishwasher...you hit it on the button. You win the prize! Kudos to you! My dishwasher has been down and out since the 12th, yes, the 12th of October. You may not think that that's very long, but let me set you straight on that little detail. When you cook, bake and make a mess as much as I do, a dishwasher is essential to your everyday operational successes. Today is the day. Today is the day that I pick my parts up at the appliance parts store and attempt, with great ambition, to restore my machine. The machine that I have braved through the last week and a half without. You never know how much you'll miss something until it's gone. Some few individuals would say that I jinxed myself due to the fact that I had my nails done and the actual name of my nail polish is...wait for it...wait for it..."I don't do dishes!" Can you believe that? Seriously, that's what it's called. My nails were done on Thursday...dishwasher busted on Friday. Imagine that!

Friday, I met Nancyroo at Scrapbook Station and we had a good time, just the two of us. Poor Nancy had to pry conversation out of me though. I wasn't really talkative and have no idea why. Sorry about that, Girl! Nancy's a Designer for No Bare Pages. Zip on over there and see some of her awesome creations. She whips them out like a pro. Oh, and you haven't seen the cutest little boy ever, you're in luck...he's all over Nancy's pages!

On the volleyball front...we had a tournament on Saturday. Can I just say that we didn't do so well. We pretty much "got served." I don't think our team really knew the actual competition that was going to be there. I hope if we participate in another one that we're a little more prepared. Thursday's volleyball was AWESOME! I got plenty of exercise that night. I was also sore/bruised the next day and I love it!

I haven't finished my layouts completely from Friday, but I do have a two-pager I did on Monday over at ScrapNCircle. ScrapNCircle has a lot of patterned paper on sale and will continue to have some sales until the store is done. Jeri has decided to close the online store. We had the opportunity to work some older SEI papers, which I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE! SEI...you can't go wrong. Here's one that I did last week using one of October's Pagemaps.

Thanks for popping in and listening to my rants!


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Nancyroo said...

Thanks so much for your comments about me, it really means so much to me! I had fun on Friday, I didn't feel like you were too quiet.
Love the LO! very cute.
and ugh! about the dishwasher. I went the whole summer with no microwave because we could not find parts.