Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today's a major milestone in many couples' lives. Yes, that's right! We've made it through year numer NINE! Nine whole years I've been married to this wonderful man of mine. It seriously feels like we're still newlyweds. We've been very blessed in that aspect of our lives and believe me - we know how lucky we truly are.

I've been waiting to post this photo of Nancy (Nancyroo) and myself. I just got the photos back yesterday. I was thrilled to be able to meet my first online friend in person. We had a blast at Scrapbook Station last Friday. I'm sure she could have accomplished more if I hadn't been yacking at her so much. Sorry, Nancy! Anyway, here we are in all of our glory. Just so you all neck/chin apparently disappears when smiling. It even does this same exact thing when I am thin/slender (which we all know hasn't been since 1987). So, be not afraid...I do have a chin! Nancy looks great though!!!! That's all that really matters when posting photos of someone who hasn't seen them yet.

Well, I'm on the mend after struggling with apparent new allergies. I'm still not "good," but I'm feeling better to the point where I can actually accomplish something. I didn't do very much for three whole days. Let me just tell you that with three monsters...I mean "children" running around - that just doesn't cut it! Things are looking up. My Mother is traveling here from Michigan on Monday, so I'll have a little more help with the said "children."

I've been using my Mother's Day gift which is 20 sessions of tanning from my family. So lovin' it! I'm pale as all getout normally. So, it's nice to have some color.

For all of you that knew I was getting my cholesterol wasn't good. Well, the overall number was 211, but the bad cholesterol was 153!!!! Yikes!!! Did I mention Yikes!!!????!!! Okay, so the Good cholesterol was okay, but not great either. The Doctor told me that once is starts getting to 161 you're at greater risk for a heart attack. Sheesh! So, needless to say, she gave me some nice literature on the Do's and Don'ts of food consumption. Yeah, I'll get right on that. On the plus side - my triglycerides were really good. You had to know I'd have at least ONE plus side.

The additional photos are of Kaila (kissing the fish) and Blake (making the fish kiss) from Sunday. Ha! They slay me!

My insert image thing is working right now - DARN IT!!!! I'll try to post the photos later.



Nancyroo said...

Happy anniversary Shawn! Can't wait to see those pics!!

Jaci said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! Can't wait to see the pics! BTW...I'm not sure what's wrong with your pics thing. Have you tried rebooting the computer?

Angela said...

OH! Can't wait to see your pic!! We've got to figure this out for you!

*Jeanne* said...

Happy Anniversay Shawn!

I am so glad you had a blast with Nancy. I would have loved to been there with you guys.

You take care of yourself and DO what the doctor says..

I wanna see the pics!

motobarbie said...

Happy Anniversary, we celebrate our 11th YIKES on the 9th of September. Great pics of the kids. I have been having problems uploading pics into my blog too, UGH!!! Gret that you got to meet Nancy. I can't wait until I can meet someone!

Susie said...

great photos! Happy Anniversary! So glad the photos are up now!!! Lucky you getting to meet another TMS member and lucky you that its Nancyroo who is such a sweetie!

Susie said...

Yeah it posted this time too! before I typed it out and then when I tried to post it would not!!! so all is well!!!!