Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Scrapin4me gave us a little challenge/inspiration over at The Memory Safe. Thanks, Girl!

Lets share our scrapping habits... sharing ideas and answers is a great way to learn things about your friends that you may not have known. Use the questions below as the basis for your blog today.

How often do you scrap? 1-3 times a week...if I'm lucky.

When do you prefer to scrap? Evenings.

How long do you typically scrap for? 3-4 hrs.

How many layouts do you complete in a month? 5-10.

Prefer to scrap alone, with a friend or at a crop? Scrapping is scrapping, whenever...wherever!

Favorite scrappin munchie? Chocolate!!!!

Favorite beverage? (obviously, in a sippy glass... placed away from pictures and layouts) Diet Mountain Dew

How do you organize your sessions for scrapping? I just jump right in!

Do you build page kits? No.

Do you make power layouts? No.

How often do you use sketch challenges? I love sketches, so if I have the time I'm willing to do them.

How often do you scrap lift? Not very often, but when I do I really enjoy the outcome.

Do you watch tv, movies, or listen to the music? TV.

Do you crop sitting ot standing? Both, but for the most part standing.

What albums or themes are you currently working on? I don't work chronologically at all. I scrap what I want, when I want.

Any tips or tricks to share? Just the usual...have all of your most used tools/supplies at the tips of your fingers.

Anything else you want to tell share about your scrapping habits? I've been trying to clean off the area each time, so that it's fresh for the next project. That's about it.


*Jeanne* said...

Love all your answers Shawn... Just had to ask you feeling any better? I hope so.

motobarbie said...

Love all the answers this is definitely a fun way to learn about each other

Margo said...

Love reading through your answers.
How are you feeling? Better I hope.