Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's another beautifully HOT day in Western Pennsylvania! I'm enjoying my air conditioning immensely!!!

Memorial Day weekend was gorgeous. We spent the holiday up at our camp in Leeper, PA. It started out pretty rainy on Friday night, but shaped up to be awesome, weather-wise. We celebrated Blake's 4th birthday on Saturday instead of his actual birthday due to some scheduling conflicts with church. He was soooo excited! Nick and I went to Dollar General that morning to purchase some gifts for him. He mainly wants shooting things, so that's what we bought. We purchase them at Dollar General because my children are so rough on toys it just makes it easier on us when we have to throw "cheaper" things away. KWIM? I made a strawberry cake for him, because he had requested it for months. That's all he ever told anyone when asked about his birthday. I'm gonna have a strawberry cake, but it's going to be red...not pink! I am a boy, not a girl! Pink is for girls! - LOL! The photo of Blake is with all of his loot. Nick's photo is with some of Blake's "loot." Kaila's photo is from a couple days prior to the party in her cousin's glasses. Those girls were so cute!

I received yet another awesome kit from The Memory Safe for June. I've posted two of the projects I've completed so far. I just haven't had a lot of time with everything lately. I still have quite a bit of the kit left and should get some more items done within the next couple of days.

School is not out yet for Nick. He has 6 more days after today. He's thrilled and just can't wait to be stuck at home doing NOTHING! He doesn't realize yet that's what's going to happen. Ahhh, he's in for a rude awakening. I, of course, can't wait to hear every five minutes, "What are we going to do today? I'm bored! Can I call Papa???" I'm sending him to Michigan to my parent's house for a couple of weeks. He can't wait for that.

As for me, I'm looking forward to next Friday when I'll meet a gal from The Memory Safe - Nancyroo! Don't forget, Nancy! You and I are hitting that big Scrapbook Store in Butler! I can't wait to meet/see you!

Anyway, I'll post again soon. I've been visiting other blogs recently from the girls at The Memory Safe and find them quite comical. It gives me a good giggle to know that I'm not the only one out there going crazy with everyday "life" stuff.

I'm off to try to accomplish something else today.



Margo said...

Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday. I am with you about the cheap toys Tanner is so hard on them all the time.
Wow you get to meet Nacy that is so cool make sure to take tons of pictures.

Susie said...

Great photos! YEp I think we all have crazy zany lives!!!! Lucky you getting together with Nancy!!! Have fun and don't spend all your money in one place! LOL!!!