Friday, March 20, 2015

I want to start out by sharing my awesome news. I have been chosen to be a sketch designer for Sketches in Thyme :) Be sure to visit the site and join in on all of the amazing sketches, or just go there to get some inspiration. There are three other sketch designers to choose from.

Can you hear that??? It's...birds...singing!!! Oh, listen to the sweet sounds of delightfullness!!! It is a glorious day here and I can't express the uplifted mood I have due to everything going on around me.

I have some layouts to share, as well as some recent photos of my family.

I created this without a sketch.


Kaila's Ensemble Concert - Kaila's in the middle

Charlie's 42nd Birthday Celebration (2/25/15) - We had to celebrate a couple days after his birthday due to scheduling conflicts. He requested cabbage rolls, garlic mashed potatoes, bread/butter, apple pie and ice cream. 

2/26/15 - Donkey Basketball - I try to make it to this hilarious fundraiser that the FFA puts on every year. It's always a good time and very comical.

Three Generation Photo of the Lahr Guys - March 15, 2015

My Hair - from curly to straight! - Don't get used to it. 
Left - My hair when there is absolutely no product in it.
Right - I got a really good cut and three different colors put in this time.
My kids emphatically HATED it straight. Hate is probably not a strong enough word. 
They've never seen me with straight hair, so I think it just shocked them.

I'll be having a lot more updates to this blog. So, stop back soon!


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