Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I need to start this post with the last photos taken for 2012. We were lucky enough to spend the last part of the day of 2012 with my in-laws. It's always a good time filled with great food, much laughter and family fun.

Happy New Year!!!

2012 for a lot of my friends and some of my family was definitely NOT a good year. So, I am sure they are all ready to start fresh and anew with 2013. I always look forward to a new year despite what has happened in the previous one. I am always filled with hope for meeting/completing my resolutions for a happier, healthier...better ME.

Without further ado...here are my 2013 resolutions.

  1. Weightloss...specifically 40 pounds.
  2. Exercise...specifically 3-5 times a week.
  3. No pop...that starts tomorrow, because I had one Diet Mt. Dew left.
  4. Read...specifically 12 books.
  5. Work on my time management.
  6. Waste less...of whatever.
  7. ORGANIZE everything!
  8. Finish one project before moving onto another project.
  9. Put laundry away consistantly.
10. Family Game/Movie night weekly.
11. Craft something daily.
12. Save Money.
13. Set-up a routine cleaning schedule to help me with my biggest issue...housekeeping.
14. Give more of my time to the church/school.
15. Blog more.
16. Back-up my computer files monthly.
17. Take care of myself...

That's a fairly good start. I know there's more, but I have to be slightly realistic. These are my hopes/intensions. Who knows what I'll actually accomplish. It's just nice to have them written down. 

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