Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bare with me as I jump back and forth out of chronological order, for which I apologize.

First, we have a couple layouts that I did for my sketch website Nuts About Sketches.

Next, we have Nick's reward for getting all A's and B's for the last marking period. It shocked us greatly, becaue the kid just doesn't seem to even try. I'm hoping he turns around this year and sees the benefits of striving for greatness.

Now we move on to our newest addition, Molly. She is our acquired outside cat. I've never seen a can so tolerant. Kaila carries her all over and pets her, etc. She just sits there.

Here's one of my favorite reasons for updating the blog. This is some of our new diningroom furniture. Ah, bliss... We have had the same broken down table and chairs for 10 years. We are so thankful for better furniture.

June 2010 - Our family took an ACTUAL vacation that didn't consist of visiting family. Not that that's not splendid and delightful. We journied to Gordonsville, VA to the lovely Shenandoah Resort. For us it was unseasonably hot, so we spent a lot of time at one of their many pools. read correctly..the Lahr' pools! It was so relaxing. We also played on the playground equipment, fished, played tether ball, took advantage of the game room, road on paddleboats and miniature golfed. We also took advantage of one of the restaurants they had on the property. We all got a little burnt, with the exception of Kaila for some reason. The kids can't wait for our next adventure next year ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Nancyroo said...

Looks like fun. I love those pics of Kaila and the cat- so sweet!