Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let it be known from this day forward, sickness should definitely not happen to Mothers! How on earth can a Mother get everything done, if she's sick? Answer me that! Plus, who on earth takes care of said Mother??? Another day wasted, but I'm on the mend. So, maybe...I'll accomplish something today.

I'm still widdling down my Scrapping Spot April Kit. I told Charlie I haven't used this much of a kit in months! It's mainly because I haven't actually taken the time, but still. I still have enough for 4-6 cards :)

I'm looking forward to spending all of Friday with the two little ones. Blake has decided he doesn't want to be stuck on a boat for six hours. So, the other guys are going on a Walleye Fishing Trip. Nick happened to win a trip and Charlie's taking his Dad for his birthday. I hope they get a ton! I haven't had walleye in years. I also hope Charlie takes some photos with my good camera, which he'll have to replace, if he breaks it :) :(

So, until next time! Thanks for stopping by!


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BonnieRose said...

I am a huge cardmaker too.. love your cards! COme and visit my blog anytime.. great to meet ya! xo