Monday, December 07, 2009

Here are the mighty hunters. Poor Blake didn't get anything, but the other two went back out and got 5 squirrels. There will be other days for Blake to have success.

Thanksgiving was delightful. The food was fantastic, as usual. We really put a hurtin' on the food, let me tell you! I controlled myself as well as can be expected with all of that deliciousness surrounding me :)

We travelled to Hermitage, PA on Monday for our annual trip to Kraynak's. The kids weren't as into as they have been in years past. They were all looking forward to lunch at Arby's. They played with the trains there, but weren't too disappointed we left to go to the dollar store.

After we ate, we all went our separate ways. I dragged my kids to several different stores to get some ideas for what they want for Christmas. I'm still clueless as to what the boys prefer, but Kaila's easy :)

For those of you who are dying to kids LOVED New Moon! Or should I say, the boys did at the very least? Kaila liked it, but not as much as the boys. She has decided she is on Team Jacob. He's cute and dark, she said. LOL! He's closer to her age anyway :) I am dying for the next enstallment due out in June 2010. The boys said, "We have GOT to get that movie!" Really? I will take that under advisement...

Charlie was able to shoot a deer, so we have more deer meat - wahoooooo! That really makes Blake happy, because that is his favorite and he will ALWAYS eat it.
We are currently gearing up for Christmas. We have gifts to buy, the tree to choose and cookies to bake. Before you know it, it will be 2010! I'm looking forward to celebrating Jesus' birth.

I'll post some photos of Kraynak's later. They're on the other computer :(

Thanks for popping in!


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Nancyroo said...

great pictures! what did you do with the squirrels?