Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here are the Kraynak's photos that I promised you.

These first two photos are significant, because this was Nick's last year of having to endure the trip to Kraynak's. By this year, Nick was more than ready to head out into the woods to procure some much needed meat for the family. However, according to Lahr Law, he is not old enough for the trip to camp. Next year is his big year! He can not wait! In this first photo, I told Tyler and Nick to show me their, "I'd rather be hunting!" faces. In the second photo, the kids are showing me their, "I'm going hunting!" faces. Too hysterical!

2009 Lahr Christmas Photo - how cute are we? These types of photos are so few and far between - very rare for us, but nice.

I decided today would be an ideal day to eat lunch with Kaila. We had Christmas dinner, which consisted of pumpkin cake, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, green beans, peaches, bread/butter and chocolate milk. YUMMO! Quite impressive indeed. I always get a kick out of the little darlings.

I went and picked up the Christmas tree today. This is the first year that I have gone by myself and gotten the tree. I had to walk pretty far back into the fields to choose the tree, tag it and walk back. Luckily, a nice dog (owner's dog) came with me to keep me company. I can't wait to put it up tomorrow and decorate it. To me, it doesn't feel like Christmas until the tree is up.
Upon my return to our home, I proceeded to grind up our deer burger and made 4 pounds of jerky and 4 pounds of sandwich bologna. Once that was completed, I made homemade pizza while chatting with my dear friend, Charlene. I wasn't able to see her this week until today and frankly, I miss her when we don't get to chat a little. So, that was nice.
After dinner, Charlie and I discussed for hours the plans we have to remodel this house. I informed him of his priorities :) I think sometimes he forgets what needs to be done in which order. Communication is key. We're on the same page and it was nice to dream a little.
I have big plans for a productive weekend. I'll fill you in on my impending success on Monday.

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