Monday, April 20, 2009

I have so much to share this week!

These first three pictures are the last pictures taken at our old house the day before we closed. They were taken with my cell phone. I know they're not perfect, but I just love them.

Introducing...Motor-Rhino-Robo, Motor for short. He is the newest addition to our home. He is a Syberian Dwarf Hamster. How stinkin' cute is he? I'm not a big fan of mice/rats, but I HAVE to tel l you that this little guy is sooooo stinkin' cute! I even hold him. He keeps the kids busy and loves to crawl all over the place. He has to sleep in the laundryroom, because he makes a lot of noise at night. Other than that, he's a pretty easy pet to take care of. I'm hoping he lives for a little while anyway. I've heard that they die fairly easily. We purchased this little guy on the 15th of April. The first store I went to didn't have any that were ready, so Charlie stopped at another store and they had Motor. I didn't want to wait, so Charlie got him for $16. Who knew hamsters were so expensive?

Our next big excitement for the week was Nick shooting his first turkey! I was shocked...completely. Charlie just sent me a photo message with Nick holding the turkey. I was so happy for him. Charlie did a great job making sure I had plenty of photos to scrap!

My last surprise for the week was getting yet another photo message with the kids standing the unsightly tree that was blocking the front of our home. I came home and asked, "Who put that house there?" Amazing! This tree was over 80 feet tall and 150 years old. Charlie's Mom, Dad, and Cousin Bobby, along with the kids helped clear away this monstrosity. I had no idea they were going to cut it down, so I didn't have to stress over it. :) What a bonus!
I was on my scrap weekend, which I spent creating a baby album for Charlie's cousin's baby shower on Sunday. It's an 8 x 8 album filled with 20 pages. All she has to do is add photos and a couple lines of journaling. What a job! I'm not sure I could create albums without pictures for people all the time. It takes a bit longer. It's a cute album and I'm sure she'll like it. Mission Accomplished!
Well, that's about it for this post. We'll see what this week has in store!

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