Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Biggest Egg - Smallest Egg - these are the two extremes we've had in our egg endeavors as of late. The large egg actually had 2 yolks, whereas the small egg had none. The large egg was delicious...so says Nick. It was his first double-yolker that he had the fortune to be allowed to consume. Lots of yumminess moans came out of him, let me tell you!

There's so much other excitement around here that I just don't know where to start. So, I'm just going to start with last Thursday.
Thursday - Volleyball - Charlene and I thought that would be the last night, but doggone it...we won! So, we have to play again this coming Thursday. Don't hold your breath for anything else. We'll have fun and that's that.

Friday - I was supposed to go to Michigan, but I just couldn't leave the house like that. Not that it's much better now, but I did accomplish some things - Made Bread - Chicken Dip - Caramel Dip - Laundry - Packed. Not only that, but my DH started the drywall in the mudroom. He's a good worker. Needless to say, the finisher started mudding it today. We should be painting by early next week.

Saturday - left for Michigan at 8:06 a.m. Great trip - beautiful. Good kids. We made it in time for the Easter Egg Hunt at my sister's house. Then we traveled to my parent's house for the night and to attend church on Sunday.

Sunday - Great service - Turkey dinner - yum! I stole some old photos from my mom. Ahhh, she's not doing anything with them anyway. Sunday Afternoon - visited Grandparent's and played some Scrabble with Grandma. Good times. Sunday Nite - Wendi's for dinner/smores/movie - fun!
Monday - Back to PA.
Whilst we were away, DH finished my scraproom so that I can move in. Wahooooo! Now to find the time to clean it out and move scrap stuff down there. Can't wait. I just LOVE that man.
I found out today that a friend of mine from highschool, James Fisher, passed away from complications from his disease. I'm so very sad for his family.

Tomorrow it's back to physical therapy for my stinkin' elbow. It sucks. I just don't have time for this. Also, Blake has given me permission to pick out his hamster, Motor, tomorrow at the pet store. He doesn't want anyone to play with him until he gets home. He's been waiting sooooo long for this little rodent. I hope it takes a while for him to die. I have explained that he will more than likely not last too long, but that he can always get another one.

This coming FRIDAY is my big scrap-a-way retreat. I can't wait. I rarely get to scrap, so it's sooooo peaceful to get away and accomplish something. I have a lot of supplies, People! I need to use them.
It's good to be home :)


AbbieTorroll said...

hey there friend!! congrats on the volleyball! I *think* that is a good thing!! lOL Looks like you had a great Easter- love your pictures. And I hope your elbow is better soon!!! that stinks! Have fun with your new furry friend;)

Angelina said...

OMG! That pic of Kaila is TDF!!! I luuurve it! Check out your bokeh and backlighting! Superb!