Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year!
I know it's been a while, so sit down and get ready!

The holidays flew by in a blur, but were great. I'm not sure if I mentioned Nick's band concert or not. For those of you who don't know, Nick plays the choice and LOVES it. I am still amazed that he enjoys it so much. He was all dolled up in his dress shirt and pants and he said, "I look GOOOOOOD!" He's too funny.

Kaila also had her little program at Pre-K and was a real pro! You just have to love a bunch of preschoolers singing in their little voices and doing their parts in the little reading of "The Night Before Christmas."

Christmas was fantastic! We had a great time in the new house. The tree looked beautiful, the kids wore hats while opening gifts and best of all...we weren't rushed through Christmas morning.

We were able to take a trip to Michigan to visit my side of the family without incident. I always worry about the weather, but it was perfect. We were able to experience new things while visiting my sister, Wendi's. They had gotten a Wii for Christmas, so we actually got some exercise doing the Dance Revolution - ha! Not only that, but we went ice skating! The kids loved it. Nick was quite the trooper continuing to "try" to skate even after falling over 80 times. Hysterical! Oh, and let's not forget the treadmill! Sheesh! You would think that thing was the most amazing piece of fun quipment ever! The kids couldn't get enough of it.

We also had a chance to visit my grandparents for some great photos and a couple games of Scrabble. How can you go wrong? I have very few photos of my grandparents with me and the kids, if any for that matter. I also was able to get a four generation photo, which is a first. Getting priceless photos is the greatest thing of all for me. So rare...

How would you like to wake up to this??? This is poor Nick a couple days after being exposed to something and contracting "Contact Dermititis." This required medical attention. He is clearly swollen, red and downright uncomfortable. He has since cleared up and looks great.

We've had several trips to the doctor this month and one more today. Nick had this, I have a sinus infection, Kaila has a sinus/chest infection and we'll see what Blake has tonight. I can't complain though. We really don't go to the doctor's office too often. It's just inconvenient.

My loving husband was able to do several little jobs that I had posted on the fridge while I was in Michigan. These are photos of my livingroom almost completely done. We still have to do the windows and put curtains up.

These are before/after shots of the diningroom. I know you've read about my dismay as to the peeling of the NEW paint. Well, my sweet, adorable, loving husband took on the task of fixing/painting the diningroom. I helped a little, but he did the hard part. I'm sooooo excited about this that I just can't even tell ya!

These loving adults are the reason we have these little darling children. This is the couple that thought that Charlie and I would hit it off and thus "got us together." We'll never forget that!

We got a ton of snow last weekend. The kids were thrilled! Thank goodness we have this awesome machine to put that snow in its place!

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by and catching up!



Julie said...

Thanks for sharing all these pics with us Shawn!! House looks great, sorry about the Dr's trips. Glad you all enjoyed your holiday!

stamprgrl said...

awesome pictures, love the ones w/ the grandparents.

-- dalis

Butterfly Flutter said...

The pictures were great. I glad you got to spend time at the grandparents house.