Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catastrophe has struck the Lahr Farmstead. It was eerie...brutal and downright nasty! And, lucky me...I discovered the aftermath.

Apparently, dogs llooooovvvveee chickens. They love to smell them...bark at with them and them apart to eat them!!!!

Can you fathom 2 dogs ripping 39 chickens apart??? I came home to see 2 dogs sitting in front of the door at the chicken coop. I couldn't see anything else, so I told them to go home. They waited for me to yell at them again and then off they went. I went to inspect the area to find dead, obliterated chickens EVERYWHERE!!!! Those poor things. ONE managed to survive. How sad is that? I realize that they're JUST chickens, but I was a little shaken. I'm fairly certain it was due to how my darling son was going to feel upon learning of the chickens' untimely demise. Yeah...that's it.

Anyway, Nick has declared the survivor as our new "pet." Little does he know that Uncle Jeff and Aunt Cathy will be bringing approximately 10 chickens this Friday. His chicken days aren't over yet.

I've been working like a mad-woman to get ready for my scrapaway this weekend. I'm not sure how much I'll get done, but I seriously need to get away. I need some ME time in the worst way. Just me and the girls. I'll be sure to post some of my creations when I return.

Until then...


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