Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The old house is coming right along. In fact, it's been listed and there is an open house this Saturday - yeah! We did a little more remodeling to the old scraproom - sniff! We took all the shelving down, patched it and painted it. Boy, this room looks huge! For those of you who have actually seen this room, it's amazingly different. Wish we would have done this years ago. It needs new carpet, but we'll leave that to the new owners. I will be soooo glad when the house is completely cleaned out and ready to show. What a relief that will be! Wish us luck and send your prayers up that this won't be on the market very long.

Halloween photos:

Nick - Car, Blake - Paratrooper and Kaila - Witch

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Butterfly Flutter said...

I love the pictures of the kids... May God bless you to sale the home very soon....