Thursday, February 21, 2008

I know...another post...finally! I generally don't post, unless I have a picture or something to share.

Since my last post, we spent the weekend at camp, muddled through President's Day and got our taxes done.

Camp - we froze the first night. For some reason we couldn't get the camp warmed up. I was in all my clothes, a sweatshirt, socks AND slippers. I slept like that and my toes were still icy. I made sure the kids were all bundled up. All I know is next time we go to camp in the winter, I MUST bring more blankets. The ones AT camp were frozen! We basically used the ones we brought. On Saturday morning, after a lovely next-to-sleepless night, Blake kept saying, "Dad!" He had to have said it 15 times. It wasn't until he added, "deer!" that Charlie hopped off of the floor (our "bed" for the night) and zipped to the big window. Apparently, there were 6 deer right below camp. It's always exciting to see wildlife. We had good food and played lots of games. It was nice. The kids can't wait to go back...hopefully in warmer weather.

President's Day - the boys had to make up a snow day, so they weren't thrilled, but that's life. I took Kaila and went to Charlene's to workout and pretty much didn't get anything else done the rest of the day. I went to volleyball that night and got a little more exercise.

Tuesday - I worked on getting our tax stuff ready allllll day. The good news is that I completed that particular task and we were able to get our taxes done without incident. In fact, this photo in the layout is from Tuesday, right before we left :) We were both excited to have a "date" night. We went to Red Lobster after we were finished with out taxes. It was sooooo good.

Anyway, here's the layout I did today using what little bits I have left from The Scrapping Spot's February Kit.

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Nancyroo said...

love that LO, you guys look so happy!