Thursday, March 15, 2007

Can you say, "AHHHHH?" That's my cyber-scream. I am fortunate enough to have made it into the final 2 for the Scrapbook Chalet Survivor Competition. I can not believe it! A big THANKS to EVERYONE that voted for my layout this week. I'm just stunned. For this past week's challenge we had to create a layout using a Pencil Lines sketch. The original sketch has a half of a heart, instead of an egg. We have, what I believe is, the toughest challenge yet for Tuesday. It's an ad inspiration. It's very cool, but I'm going to have to borrow a thinking cap to put on for this one. My husband is, of course, cheering me on emphatically. Yes, emphatically. Because, as some of you know, the grand prize is a CRICUT!!! Not to mention, the winner will be a Guest Designer for a month at the Chalet. The good news is I still win a $50 gift certificate to the Chalet's AWESOME store!!! I'm a winner either way.

Speaking of the Scrapbook Chalet, the new Creative Crew has started posting in the gallery for the Chalet's April Kit. And, can I just tell ya how amazing the designs are!!!!??? Those girls ROCK! So, if you have a minute, or two be sure to skip on over to the gallery to see what the new crew is cranking out!

Another great site to checkout for awesome products is ScrapNCircle. The Design Team's Reveal is today, so be sure and visit the gallery to see what we've come up with this month using SEI Girly papers. I love working with SEI, especially the girly stuff. I have so much more to create! Awesome, awesome line of paper, stickers, buttons, name it! Get over to the Shoppe before it's all gone!

Lastly, but certainly not without merit, is my darling Mother's extreme weight loss. Can I just say that she has been an inspiration to me in the last several months as I've tried and tried to stick to some sort of diet to lose my personal spare tire? Who ordered that tire anyway? Obviously it doesn't have a return policy. - LOL! Anyway, she has managed to lose 47 pounds since August 2006. She's a bean pole! She's actually thinner now than in this after photo that I'm posting. She's on the Michael Thurmond's 6-Week Body Makeover. She eats 5 small meals a day and then an evening snack, if she so desires. Oh, and let's not forget she exercises everyday for about 45 minutes (walking). She did the body blueprinting for her body type and sticks to the "allowed" foods. She's boosted her metabolism and can go on little binges with little effect, but she tries to refrain from hindering her progress further into the world of slenderness. If you haven't guessed, I am currently trying to do the same program that she's been doing to help boost my metabolism and lose that nasty "tire" I spoke of earlier. Thanks, Mom!

That's it for now. I've got to clean, because and this isn't the ONLY reason, I'll be watching/guarding/protecting a total of 8 kids tomorrow! That's no typo, Folks! That's a big whopping 8!!! Wish me luck!


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sollie said...

Waw, congratulations to your mum. That's a lot of weight that she got rid off. Love the LO you made for the survivor challenge at scrapbook chalet. Have a fantastic day, Isolde