Monday, March 05, 2007

Book of Me - these are my final entries into the book from the challenges presented at ScrapNCircle. I had a lot of fun completing them and getting out those old photos. Wow! You forget how old you're getting when you look at photos from high school. It's been 15 years for me since graduating. I can hardly believe that.
Just so you know, you can also purchase Bazzill cardstock over at ScrapNCircle for $.40 per sheet! Yes! I just received a bunch that I had ordered. So, so pretty! Ya just gotta love that stuff!
Jodie K. won the March Guess Designer Spot and is doing a great job on the message board and in the gallery! She has a challenge going on right now for leaving love in the gallery. Also, ScrapNCircle has the May Guess Designer Spot up for grabs. Be sure get over there and check it out!
The Scrapbook Chalet just posted some challenges for March. Hurry up and go sign up! It started this past weekend, so there's still time to jump right in! You HAVE to go checkout the gallery! It ROCKS!!!!
Well, I've jumped on the weightloss bandwagon again. As I'm sure I mentioned, DH and I are taking a trip to Texas in April and I need to shed some of these pounds. We are flying and don't want to be the target of "dumping" excess baggage - LOL! I even worked out today! The heck you REALLY! I was dripping sweat and everything! Anyway, we're pushing like 55 days until we leave, so I needed to get hopping.
Blake has his full speech evaluation tomorrow. He had "passed" the previous evaluation, but I pretty much said that she hadn't really gotten the full effect of his problem. So, tomorrow they're going to really "test" him. I'm not anxious or anything, I just want him to get the help he more than likely needs. He starts Kindergarten this September. I mean, catch a clue, People!
I have volleyball tonight and am, of course, taking the three kids with me. It's actually working out well. They behave almost perfectly and DH still gets to go shoot his bow. So, it's not considered a night where he's watching the kids. I feel less guilty about going to volleyball on Thursdays now. We have about three weeks left of Thursdays, so that will be over soon. I need that, there exercise!!!
That's all for now. I have to do my job as President/CEO of our little ebay business now. It's my "other" job.
See ya and THANKS for stopping by!

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