Thursday, February 28, 2013

First I'd like to invite you to join us at My Scraps and More for a Sketch-A-Thon beginning on Friday the 1st of March. They have a friendly atmosphere and fantastic team.

And the crazy-busy-ness continues! Last night we were lucky enough to attend our school's Donkey Basketball game. It was fantastic!!! We laughed so hard that my ribs hurt today. Here are just a couple photos of the festivities. We can't wait until next year!

Here are a few more layouts that I created this year.

I used a ScrapOrchard's sketch for this one. 

I used a Nuts About Sketches sketch for this one.

Exclusive Nuts About Sketches sketch ;)

Poor Kaila didn't get to go to her Valentine's Day party this particular year.
Another exclusive Nuts About Sketches sketch.
My feet...on the beach in Hilton Head..first time at the ocean.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Still playing catch-up with the blog...moving on to week 3 of February and a touch from the 2nd full week that didn't get posted yesterday.

Blake and Nick both had band concerts this week, but I only took pictures of Blake's, because he told me they were going to be right out front.

Blake's ensemble played "El Camino".

It was a fantastic concert and I love to see how the children progress.
The following pictures were actually taken on the 8th, but I neglected to post them. This is of Kaila's best friends. She graced us with her presence and her ability to cut up meat the following day. She's a good worker!

Kaila hadn't had her hair trimmed for several months and it realllllly needed done. So, I started on Friday morning taking about 2 inches off, but promised I'd do more when she got home. Well...I did. I took another 6 or so inches off. It is so much healthier now and she loves it.

On the 22nd I found out at about 7:00 p.m. that there was going to be a softball clinic at West Minster College from 9-12 on the following day. Well, I feel our girls need all the help they can get, so I rounded up Kaila and two of her friends and zipped over there early on Saturday morning for sign-ups. After the clinic, I took the girls and Blake to Subway. They were all exhausted and starving!
Last night we finally celebrated Charlie's 40th birthday with dinner at Red Lobster. We had a wonderful waitress who insisted on singing to him. It was a tad embarassing for him, but enjoyable for the rest of us. Plus, dinner was delicious! Michelle, our waitress was nice enough to take this family photo with my iphone, but obviously couldn't focus that great on all of us.
Lastly, here are a few more layouts that have been created recently.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

We'll start this post off with the wonderful Japanese Day that my darling daughter had at school. So cute that they get to learn and experience some of the Japanese culture.

Let's move on to my parents' visit the first week in February. I didn't get many pictures of them...just Buddy playing.

Next up, Valentine's Day...
Playing Cupid's Arrow with straws and q-tips...
That will have to be it for this post. I really have to try and keep up with this. Too much goes on to try and squeeze it into one post.

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