Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween is fast approaching with Thanksgiving right on its heels! There is always so much to do around this time of year that it's hard to enjoy the beautiful weather and colors.

October is my favorite month of the year. I'm not sure why just is.

We start with Kaila's birthday. I didn't get any actual photos on her 10th birthday. I know...I am a terrible mother...JUST terrible! I took her and two of her friends to Olympic Fun Center for 5 hours to make up for her not-so-great birthday. She only wanted $$$ so she could add it to her other $$$ to purchase a computer/tablet...whatever. So, there was no opening of presents :( Anyway, they had a blast and were very tired after this day.

Surpirse!!! More about Kaila, because she seems to have the most going on right now. She is almost done playing her first season of soccer. I enjoyed it immensely and she liked it. I just don't know if she'll do it again.

Here's a layout I did of Blake blowing bubbles back in 2009 using a Scrapbook Challenges sketch. I'll have you know that that hand-stitching took 45 minutes.

Here's a layout I did of Kaila when she couldn't even walk yet. I thought it was a Scrapfriends sketch, but I can't find it. I'll see if I can add it later.
Oh, look here! Here's another layout of Kaila using a sketch from Nuts About Sketches.

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