Friday, October 30, 2009

Check it out! These are the grandkids on the Lahr side with Grandma on her birthday. It's safe to say that it's difficult to get 8 kids to cooperate all at the same time. This is the best one I was able to get.

These are a couple recent layouts. It is so sparkly clean! - is one of my sketches. Peach Cobbler - is a sketch from

Here are a couple photos taken when we went to Noah's Lost Ark with Charlene and Kyle. It was so great! I can't wait for our next adventure...hint! Hint, Charlene! :)

On to the eggs of it all! This bucket, complete with a paper towel and dryer sheets, is what the kids use to collect the eggs. On this particular day, the White Rock chickens decided to start laying thier eggs on the hay bail that we use to feed the cows. I think it was lucky that Charlie caught them in the act, because really...who's gonna look there??? We finally had a large egg that had triplets - see photo. I believe that Nick ate that one. Talk about excitement in the household! It was very cool.

The picture of Blake is showing the difference in the size of eggs from the Rhode Island Reds (left) and the White Rocks (right).

And lastly, we have the darling little ones with their Rock Star attitude going on. They had a slightly different party at school. Instead of the usual Halloween party, the school took a day, or part of the day to study geology. The kids had a great time and did get some candy, for which they were grateful. Obviously, they were allowed to dress all Rock Starry :)

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Nancyroo said...

fun pictures! love the one with grandma!