Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We're getting closer....!!! Joy!!!

We're still not finished with our painting yet, but we are just about done! My MIL and I will be painting the ceiling in the diningroom tonight...hopefully. Then, I'll tackle the little bit of painting in the bathroom. We'll finally paint the hallway when the moving is finished. I can't wait! It looks really nice.

Charlie put my light fixtures in the den a.k.a temporary scraproom. They look awesome! I have to take some after shots of these rooms when the diningroom is done. Patience please.

Thank God for rain today! I may get some other "inside" stuff done from my live-in electrician ;)
Here are some photos of the boys' room prior to the camo walls being done.

We still have a ton to do, but we're sleeping there now. I pop back here once a day to check on things and do some laundry. Oh, and there's no internet at the other house - insert really upset blonde chick here! I swear! If I could reach through the phone...

Here's a little glimpse at my not-so-little, almost 5 year old, Kaila on her first day of Pre-K.

Now, take a look at the then, 10 month old Kaila in this layout using my sketch #21.

Can you believe that much time has passed?

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Butterfly Flutter said...

I love the boys room color. We are going to remodeled Robbie's room next month. We picked up the new bedspread over the week-end.
Kaila is to cute. She certainly is her mom's little girl.

Angelina said...

No, actually, I can't. I was just thinking about getting the call that you were on the way to the hospital to have her, for crying out loud!

Nancyroo said...

looks great, Shawn! thinking of you!