Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Crazy Blake - Thanksgiving - Nut Allergy - Clean Livingroom...???

What in the world? Okay, Blake really put a show on for me last week. He likes the spotlight, especially when he's giving me his Cool Dude poses. Hilarious!

Thanksgiving - I actually took photos this year. It was a very relaxing, yummy day! Seriously, I have so much to be thankful for, it's just too long to list. I'll be putting a layout together soon. The photo I decided to share today is of the boy playing with their guns, which were supplied by non-other-than...Nick. Imagine that. He brought a whole garbage bag full of guns. They had a blast!

Nut Allergy - Kaila had an enounter with a Hazelnut, which I believe she's never eaten before. She's had almost every other nut you can eat. I'm giving you an inflamed and uninflamed photo to compare. The nut just TOUCHED her lips. She didn't even eat it! I'm calling the doctor today to get some other food allergy testing done. It freaks me out!

One more thing to be thankful for...a clean livingroom! Check it out!!!!

Lastly, I have some layouts to share. To get a closer look, just click on the photo.

I really appreciate you stopping by!

Thanks for peeking!



Jaci said...

Great stuff Shawn! I just spent the last few minutes catching up with your blog. I'm always amazed at how you can come up with so many FABULOUS layouts. You have always been one of my favorite scrappers! I still want us to get together at some point. Maybe some of what you have will rub off on me :)

Glad to hear your holidays were good. Sorry about the nut allergy though. Good thing she didn't eat it! That could have turned out pretty scary.


Nancyroo said...

OMG! That is really scary!