Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Questionaire:

I saw this on Roo's blog and decided I'd like to answer some of these questions.

1. In two words, explain what ended your last relationship? he cheated
2. When was the last time you shaved your legs? (yesterday) Monday afternoon
3. What were you doing this morning at 8am? eating breakfast
4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago? scrapping
5. Are you good at maths? yes
6. Your formal night? LOL!
7. Do you have any famous ancestors? unknown
8. Have you ever taken out a loan to pay for school? No.
9. Do you know the words to the song on your myspace profile? no sure
10. Last thing received in the mail? DH's paycheck :)
11. How many different beverages have you drank today? tea, water, Diet Rite
12. Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machines? Yes.
13. Who did you lose your CONCERT virginity to? Never been to one. I don't like that much noise.
14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? No
15. What's the most painful dental procedure you've had? Nothing
16. What is out your back door? breezeway leading to a porch
17. Any plans for Friday night? Yes.
18. Do you like the ocean? never been
19. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different kinds of popcorn? Yes, I like the caramel.
20. Have you ever been to a planetarium? No.
21. Something you are excited about? Re-opening of the Memory Safe and the big contest and the Grand Opening of Scrapbook-Chalet!
22. What is your favorite flavor of jelly? strawberry
23. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive? no
24. Describe your keychain. It's just a plain ring.
25. Where do you keep your change? In my purse, pocket, kitchen drawer, dresser, car, "piggy" bank
26. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people? Unsure
27. What kind of winter coat do you have? pink/white/grey
28. What was the weather like on your graduation? gorgeous
29. Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed? slightly open
30. What are your siblings middle names? Andrew, Daniel, Lynn
31. Where is your dad right now? Vacation in Massanutten, TN
32. What was the last thing you said? "Tell Troy Thanks!"
33. What is something you've learned about yourself recently? I'm a tad too fat.
34. What color is your watch? I don't wear a watch.
35. What do you think of when you think of Australia? Steve Irwin
36. When was the last time you squatted to pee? Probably about 20 years
37. Who is the last person you liked? Don't know.
38. Are you close to your mom? Yes.
39. Where does your best friend work? Chris Levitt Electric (DH)
40. What is your least attractive feature? Stomach
41. How old were you when you started wearing a bra? 9
42. What color are your pants? blue denim
43. Do you have a roommate? DH
44. What color is your bedroom flooring? hardwood floor
45. Do you have a chair in your room? no
46. What time of day were you born? at night
47. Do you know anyone who is engaged? no
48. What's your favorite number? 17
49. Do you know anyone named Laurie? yes
50. What color is your mom's hair? red
51. Do you have a dog? no
52. Where did you live in 1987? Manton, Michigan
53. What happened to you in 1993? I was living on my own in a different state than any of my reletives.
54. Does your first memory involve your dad? yes
55. Do you remember singing any songs as kids? yes
56. When was the last time you went swimming? In August
57. Has your luggage ever gotten lost? no
58. When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings? 5 days ago
59. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? yes - church camp
60. Do you play an instrument? piano
61. Have you ever thought it would be Cool to smash a guitar? no
62. Do you like fire? yes
63. Where is your best friend from? Edinburg, PA
64. Are you allergic to anything? Penicillin
65. When was the last time you cried? Saturday the 21st
66. What kind of shampoo do you use? Pantene, Finesse, Suave, Head & Shoulders
67. Have you ever been to a spa? no
68. Were you popular in high school? No
69. Did you take science all four years of high school? yes
70. Do you like butterflies? yes; they are beautiful
71. What is the last book you read? Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
72. Do you like Coke or Pepsi more? Pepsi
73. What is one thing you miss about your past? Lack of freedom
74. Did you ever see the school nurse? yes
75. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Yes
76. What is one thing you've learned about your life recently? I love it.
78. Are you jealous of anyone? No.
79. Is anyone jealous of you? Yes.
80. When was the last time you were in an elevator? September 17th

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Nancyroo said...

great answers!