Monday, July 28, 2008

So few posts this month. Can you tell I have a ton going on??? Sheesh! Where to even begin...

I'll start out by informing everyone that we were able to close early on our house - WAHOO!!! Talk about awesome!

We started the demolition of various areas yesterday. My darling, wonderful, generous sister, Wendi came back with me from Michigan to help with the DEMO.

OMG! We spent a good 7 hours yesterday ripping out carpet and tearing down tiles from the walls. Why on earth would it take that long to rip out carpet you say? Ahhhh...4 layers! You read correctly - 4 layers of carpet/tile. There were 3 layers of carpet and 1 layer of tile, which we are not finished ripping up yet. What a mess! The basement has a slight problem...the floor wasn't poored correctly, OR they built on and forgot to butt the two floors against each other. So, what I'm saying is, fluid comes up from the ground INTO the basement. Some of the floor is dust. Yes! What a freakin' mess! Where do we go from here? Charlie says it can be fixed and that he's actually seen worse. We have to finish taking the tiles out to see just how nasty it is. We'll also find out exactly who will be paying for this. This is a major defect, if you ask me.

Regardless of this little mess, we LOVE the house and the property. It will get fixed and it will be gorgeous!

Today is Blake's first day of summer school. He's missed 8 days, but he'll be able to go to the last 4. He was ill for the first 4 and out of town for the middle 4. Anything is better than nothing at this point. I hope he has fun.

After school, Blake will take a little trip to the Dentist. He has some sort of bubble/absess on his from gums above his right, front tooth. I'm hoping it isn't too painful for him. He's such a trooper!
Oh, and let's not forget we're running out of everything from toilet paper to gatorade. So, a trip to good, ole Wal-Mart is in order. Well, if I go to Wal-Mart, I might as well take a small trip to Lowe's to pick out all of my paint colors ;) Twist my arm, why don't you! Originally we were only painting a couple areas. Well, now we're getting some plaster work done and I have to paint almost every room! I'll be an expert before this is over. So many swatches, so little time!

I'm going to post a couple layouts that were done several weeks ago. Because, as some of you know...I haven't even scrapped since July 1st!!!! Talk about withdrawal! This is my biggest dry spell to date!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me rant!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tag! I'm it! Julie has been so kind as to think of me to answer the following questions ;)

What was I doing Ten Years Ago? I was in my last trimester with my first child and still working 40 hours per week. So, I was getting ready for the baby and waddling all over the place.

Five Things On Today's "To Do" List ...~ Laundry, call the finance lady for our new house, watch 5 kids, dishes, pack...pack...pack

I'm addicted to...~the Internet, scrapbooking, volleyball, Diet Dew

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire... Give most of the money away, build a nice Scrap-Studio, College Funds

Places I have Lived...~ Grand Rapids, MI - Manton, MI - Grove City, PA - New Wilmington, PA - Pulaski, PA

I'm Tagging...


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dinner? Leftovers it is! Hey! We have to pay for a new house. We must make some sacrifices. Plus, leftovers is easier for me. It's not like they're BAD leftovers. Come on! I do have a friend coming over, hopefully ;).

Here's a layout I did yesterday that I can share with you.

Thanks for stopping in!